Supplying Toys for the Less Fortunate

Established in 1947 by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, the Toys for Tots program has been one of the most successful not-for-profit charities of all time. The intention of the program is to provide Christmas gifts to children of parents who are unable to afford them. Since its inception, the organization has distributed more than 584 million toys to over 265 million less fortunate children.

How the Toys for Tots Program Works

Toys for Tots works with numerous businesses and organizations every year. If you want to donate, all you need to do is bring a new, unwrapped gift to a participating facility and drop it in the assigned box (or next to the box if the item is too big). A representative from Toys for Tots will stop by periodically, take the toys to their own facility, and then distribute all of the donated toys to less fortunate children.

More People Need Help This Year

The Toys for Tots program needs your help now more than ever. Due to the ongoing pandemic, unemployment numbers are way up and more children are on the verge of doing without presents this year. Even those families who are still employed have found themselves in financial distress due to fewer hours, homeschooling needs, and other related hardships. Just a single toy will help these families immensely!

How Fitness 360 Helps Toys for Tots

Fitness 360 has dedicated itself to doing whatever it can to help the program and we want to encourage those in our community to do the same. Any members or non-members who bring in a new, unwrapped toy can choose from one of the following:

  • $0 enrollment on all memberships
  • Free week of elite membership amenities
  • Personal training session

Contact Fitness 360 to Help Toys for Tots and Improve Your Health

Fitness 360 is proud to be doing our part to help as many children as we can throughout the holiday season. If you have any questions about the Toys for Tots program, would like to learn other ways that you can help, or are curious about any of our health programs, call our staff at (727) 797-5100.