Being surrounded by a community is a great motivator for success. Fitness 360 excels in Boot Camps, Strength Training, Personal, and much more!

FItness Centers

Fitness 360 is one of the best fitness clubs around. One foot inside one of our fitness centers and you’ll fall in love with our equipment, classes, team & culture.









Live a Healthier &
Happier Lifestyle

As a part of our workout community, you’ll have access to a support system, including our trainers and like-minded people looking to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. No one judges your progress at Fitness 360. Together, we work to uplift each other and achieve our weight loss and fitness goals.

Weight Loss

Burning calories and slimming your waist has never felt better.

Lower Stress

Relax with a friendly bout of yoga or stretch to your heart’s content.

More Confidence

A better you means a more confident you. Own it! Live it! Be it!

Increase Energy

Get your blood flowing with boot camps, cycling, and so much more!


All Lifestyles

Busy parent, cardio addict, powerlifter – Fitness 360 has you covered. Let our all-inclusive gym take you to the next level.


Family Needs – Not only are we family-friendly, but we have classes to fit every schedule.

Strength Training– Building your strength is a reasonable goal, and we’ll help you get there, safely.

Aerobic Exercise– Get that heart beating by running, cycling, using an elliptical machine, and much more!

No Pressure– We’ll push you hard during each workout but will ensure you’re safe and comfortable in our fitness center. If you need to back off a bit or take it slow, rest assured we’ll adhere to your pace while helping you achieve results.


Personal Training

Fitness 360 has the most dedicated, skilled personal trainers in town. At just $360 per month, they’ll take you where you want to go.

all ages

Meet Our
Fitness Center

Fitness 360 is the best looking gym around. One foot inside our fitness center in you’ll fall in love

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