"Motivation... Dedication... Results”

Fitness 360 believes everyone can achieve their goals with the right motivation. Our fitness center in Trinity has everything a great gym and health club needs to help help you achieve your fitness goals and develop more confidence.

The Best 24-Hour Trinity Fitness Center!

Effective Fitness Training
Do you find it difficult to work out? Our fitness center is filled with effective trainers and advanced equipment to give you a “can do” attitude.

An Energetic Community
Do you love to feel your blood pumping? Our group fitness classes and bootcamps are a great way to push your body to the next level with the assistance of like-minded members of our community.

Engaging Work Outs
Do you need encouragement while working out? Our trainers will engage and challenge you as you work to surpass your limits and achieve your goals.

Achieve a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

If anything beats improving your health, it’s enjoying the journey along the way. Fitness 360 will be by your side every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and live at a higher standard of health.

Weight Loss
Watch those calories burn away and improve your body-confidence.

Lower Stress
Along with achieving a healthier lifestyle, working out at Fitness 360 will also help you reduce and eliminate stress from your professional and personal lives.
Yoga classes are a great way to reduce and manage stress.

More Confidence
As you work out and improve your body image, your confidence level will skyrocket.

Increase Energy
Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins and gives your body a surge of energy.

All Lifestyles welcome

Youth fitness, athletic training, aerobics – Fitness 360 has everything you need. Our inclusive health club invites all lifestyles.

Family Needs
From youth fitness to older members, we’re a family-friendly gym.

Strength Training
If pumping iron is your thing, then by all means – pump away to a better you!

Aerobic Exercise
Good old-fashioned cardio will keep your body trim and your heart healthy.

Group Fitness Classes

Fitness 360 provides sports training, boot camps, youth fitness, and other group fitness opportunities. Choose what you love and own it!

A healthy dose of cardio is exactly what you need to maintain a strong heart.

It’s all about stretching and relaxing, but when you find your zen – that’s when the real fun begins!

Uphill or downhill, cycling is a great way to burn calories.

Les Mills
These extremely popular, science-based workouts feature cardio, strength training, and unique exercises that target every muscle in the body.

Personal Training Sessions

The personal trainers at Fitness 360 are dedicated to you and your fitness goals.

First Personal Trainer Session is Free
Every new member receives their Right Start personal training session free! Start off on the right foot and begin your weight loss journey with our community.

Motivation and Results
Our fitness experts will instill you with positive energy and the tools to succeed. We stand by you every step of the way!

Lifelong Exercise Habits
You are a member of our community, even when you’re not in one of our health centers. Our trainers will teach lessons that you can use every day. These lessons are not limited to working out. Our trainers will help you develop a more positive mindset you can apply to other life areas, which will help you succeed personally and professionally.

Our Trinity Fitness Center

Fitness 360 is the most effective health center in Florida. Come to our fitness centers in Trinity, Clearwater, and Panama City and experience the difference yourself!

Skilled Staff
Our staff consists of health and fitness gurus who really know their stuff. They’ll help you achieve the results you desire.

No Contract

There’s never a contract for our incredible $21.95 monthly membership. Personal training sessions are $360 per month.

Clean Facility

We take great pride in our health centers. That’s why our team cleans each machine, tool, and course area every day to ensure our community’s health and safety.

Free childcare is provided with the monthly membership fee for all parents. Your children will enjoy arts and crafts and other activities in a safe and enjoyable environment

Contact Fitness 360 to Start Your New Life Today!

As the premier Trinity fitness center, Fitness 360 will help you meet and exceed your workout goals. Contact us at (727) 797-5100 now to schedule your first free personal training session and learn about our fitness courses!

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