Tips to exercise in Florida’s Hot Weather!

Want to stay fit and active in the summer but not sure how to beat the heat? Anyone who has tried working out during summer can attest to how difficult and challenging it can be. Exercising for as little as 20 minutes can feel like you ran a marathon, especially since the heat can make you get tired quicker and cause you to sweat like never before.

That said, you need not let the heat stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Check out these 10 tips for exercising in hot weather to ensure you stay healthy, active, and safe. Summer can also increase the risk for heat exhaustion and heat strokes, so you have to pay extra attention to your well-being at this time.

Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

1.   Stay Hydrated

One of the main tips for exercising in hot weather is to drink water. This may already be a staple for every workout, but it is particularly important to remember this during the summer. Make sure you stay hydrated all throughout the day and not just while exercising. Sports drinks will also come in handy for potassium and electrolytes of you plan to do long workouts at high intensities, but make sure to consume these in moderation.

2.   Eat Snacks

In line with staying hydrated, it is equally important to keep yourself filled and energized when working out. More specifically, eating juicy and water-rich foods like fruits will be ideal during the summer to supply your body with the extra water it needs.

3.   Exercise Indoors

If the weather forecasts predict extremely high temperatures or you notice how hot it is on a specific day, consider taking your workout indoors to avoid getting accidents or injuries from extreme heat. Even if you do not have the equipment like your gym does, you can still sweat and exercise productively. Bodyweight exercises, dance cardio, yoga — you might be surprised to see how much you can do indoors.

4.   Take Breaks

Always take breaks in between your workouts to avoid getting a heat stroke from over-exhaustion. The heat and humidity from outdoors can increase your body temperature and cause you to tire out more quickly, so make sure to pace yourself and rest whenever needed. More than ever, it is critical to pay attention and give yourself breaks whenever needed. Failing to do this can increase the risk of you getting dehydrated or cramping up.

5.   Wear Light-colored Clothes

During the summer or hotter days in general, it is best to wear breathable and light-colored clothes. Dark colors will absorb heat from the sun, so they can easily make you feel more stuffy and suffocated from the heat. Similarly, avoid heavy or tight clothing and instead go for lightweight fabrics to keep your body cool and fresh.

6.   Listen to Your Body

No matter how determined you might be to push yourself with your workouts, knowing your limits is crucial when under the heat. Make sure to listen to your body as this is one of the most important tips for exercising in hot weather. Staying under the heat for too long can be exhausting, so if you start feeling dizzy, weak, or lightheaded, stop your workout and go to an air conditioned room to cool off your body.

7.   Do Shorter Workouts

There is often the assumption that longer exercise sessions can yield better results, but this is not necessarily always the case. Doing regular workouts lasting 20 minutes can already do wonders for your health, so you do not need to push yourself to exercise for an hour or more all the time. When the sun is up, you can opt for shorter and quicker workouts since the heat can affect your performance.

8.   Avoid the Hottest Times

Whether you plan to exercise indoors or outdoors, avoid the hottest times of the day. Usually, this will be from 10 AM to 4 PM, so the ideal times would be early morning or after sunset. Depending on your preference or schedule, you can try to squeeze your workout into any of these times to prevent exercising when the sun is high up.

9.   Wear Sunscreen

The sun will be your biggest enemy on any hot day, so do not forget to wear sunscreen before you start exercising. Even if you are exercising indoors, it is still important to put on sunscreen since you will likely still get exposed to sunlight one way or another. The last thing you want to get is a bad sunburn and not be able to work out for the next few days because of it.

10. Know the Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke cases easily spike during the summer or in hot areas, when people are exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. Thus, if you are planning to work out, make sure you learn the symptoms of a heat stroke to know when to stop and take a step back. If left untreated, this condition can be fatal.

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