Running Is Still A Fitness Dynamo

Running Is Still A Fitness DynamoSince you spend a great deal of time on your feet, the three things you do with your legs are standing, walking, and running. Dancing is another but most people don’t dance all day. That being said, running as an exercise still is the dynamo to a fitness regimen that brings about enormous benefits.

Running incorporates several expressions, there’s jogging, wind sprints, cross country and other variations. It doesn’t take special equipment and anyone in good health can start and maintain a running regimen well into their 90s. Yes, there are people in their 90s who still run regularly to augment their fitness regimens and often, running is the fundamental exercise they do.
One just doesn’t start a running regimen, one plans it. You just can’t start running like a wild man, you need to plan first and use good sense. Always consult your doctor before engaging in a running fitness regimen. Make sure your body can take it. It’s a progressive effort where you’ll take into account that you’ll be running to increase stamina and strength as well as bring about a greater sense of balance and well being.

The benefits of running include a myriad of benefits, all proven by science. It’s great for the cardio vascular system. It improves respiration on a great scale. Running boosts the metabolism thus burning off excess calories with greater and safer efficiency. It builds strong ligaments and tendons thus allowing for greater strength, resilience, durability, and stamina. It also makes the joints stronger and more able to withstand the stress of keeping the body erect.

As for the benefits of the mind and spirit, ‘Runner’s High’ is a recognized phenomenon that runners love to talk about. Clarity of mind and an uplifting sense of well being are also common to the benefits of running. There have been studies covering what running does to the immune system and other systems as well as running’s preventative and remedial benefits.

Getting your running game on starts first with your doctor as mentioned earlier. Once you get the green light to engage in running, you need to start working on a plan and schedule. Pick a time of day that best suits you. If you’re just starting you don’t want to get fatigued by starting at the beginning of the day. Many runners do start in the morning but it’s more wise to try late afternoon or evening that way you’ll sleep better and not let fatigue interfere with your daily routine. Once you’ve passed that threshold you can change your schedule to an early bird one. Running shoes and gear are recommended as well as a clearly safe and challenging place to run. Once you’ve got that all under your belt, you need to make sure you have your cell phone and ‘In case of emergency’ info on you.

Sometimes neighbors, friends, and family engage in running teams. This is lots of fun and some even have clubs.

Overall, running is the one thing we humans do better than any other animal on Earth. That’s right, we humans aren’t the fastest runners, but we’re the most efficient runners. On two legs we can run all day and night for days when in optimum condition. Lions, tigers, horses, can run faster for shorter distances, but if we’re chasing them for food, we will run them down into exhaustion.

So running is part of your legacy. Claim your inheritance.

Image credit: Martin Novak