This Is Why You Should Get A Workout Partner

Reasons to Work Out With a PartnerIt may not sound initially in your head as a smart move, but getting a gym partner helps you for a lot of reasons. A right workout buddy can often make the difference between a successful gym session and one with no gains whatsoever. If it is the motivation or the fact that you want that one extra rep, here is our list with the top six reasons why you should get a gym partner.

1. The sure help of a spotter

The self-preservation feeling is quite strong in humans and often can set you back in the gym. That personal record you’re dreaming of isn’t there because you fear that more weights may be a bit too much for you. But with a spotter, you always know that there’s somebody there to have your back. Furthermore, you will never again have to count your own reps, so your mind will strictly be on the weight.

2. Push harder

So it’s already clear that a gym partner can help you obtain personal records by spotting you, but also the intensity in your workouts is always going to be greater with a weights buddy. The trick is that you probably should be on the same level to push each other. If your beginner friend is pleading to join you in the gym, just recommend him a trainer or set him up with another person of the same level. A beginner often finds it frustrating to be visibly weaker than his partner, and this aspect won’t help either of you.

3. Get to the gym more often

People tend to find various excuses to skip the gym – an imaginary injury, a sick pet or more to do at work. But when it comes to canceling on a friend who’s counting on you, these excuses are harder to find. And a couple of weeks of hard workouts form a habit that shouldn’t let you skip the gym too often.

4. Enjoy the spare time between sets

Instead of staying with your headphones on between sets, you could consider cracking a joke with your gym partner or talk about the next exercise. And if you’re doing cardio, the treadmill isn’t exactly the most exciting machine, so it helps to have some fun talking with a friend. With a gym buddy, you can also take turns on creating workout routines, as your body adapts to the same things done over and over again and the results won’t be that visible.

5. Financial reasons

Getting a personal trainer isn’t cheap at all because time costs money. So even though one-on-one training sounds a lot better, a gym partner won’t do that much harm and you can split the costs of a trainer.

6. Surround yourself with people with the same fitness values

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” is a saying that applies well here. Not to generalize, but if you surround yourself with fit friends, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll stay in a good shape, not having weight problems whatsoever.
Humans are social creatures that need to interact with each other and the time spent in the gym shouldn’t be any different. Sure, too much talk will negatively affect your workout, so try and keep a solid line between these two aspects. At Fitness 360 you will find not only a huge space and equipment for your workouts but also a family and professional, friendly trainers. So get a gym partner and come change your life!

Picture Credit: Darrenconstant