De-Stress With Exercise

De-Stress With ExerciseOne won’t find an argument here that exercise helps with stress. We see people jogging, bicycling, playing soccer, and other rigorous sports and exercises all over the place. It’s because exercise does wonders for stress and scientists and researchers have been studying the reasons why for decades.

Outside of the scientific circles, one can take charge of one’s own stress levels via exercise by choosing whichever exercise regimen that is best enjoyed.

It can take a while for you to find just the right exercise or combination of exercises that fits you. If you were active while young and enjoyed baseball, then see if there are people playing nearby. The same goes with basketball, tennis, jogging. Look at what you like to do and see how you can make it even more enjoyable.

Jogging is one of the best, as is swimming, and just walking. Make a fun time of it, dressed how you like and if you exercise with the kids or if you’re a kid who exercises with their parents, you can challenge one another along the way. Matter of fact, if you can get the neighborhood to join in with exercise with a rousing game of kickball at the baseball field. Before you know it, you’ll have been on your feet and run the same as a mile or two. Sometimes the kids games are the most rigorous of all!

Make sure your doctor knows what you’re doing before you set out. They’ll be helpful in setting realistic goals for you and advising you as to what to watch out for. Keep statistics to show your doctor so that they can compile the information. Your exercise stats could be useful in more ways than you can imagine.

Music. Music can play a huge part of a stress relieving exercise regimen. You can pick your favorite tunes or use some of the mood ambient music to exercise to. After a while you’ll have become so familiar with exercise and less stress that you won’t be able to live without it. Music also means dance. Dancing is the one thing we humans do that other creatures pale in comparison. We have a dance for every mood, occasion, event, and more. Dancing can burn up as many calories as running or other rigorous exercises. If you want to know how great and stress relieving dancing is, just ask yourself how you felt after a good dance. Tired but happy and energetic.

The body uses exercise to gauge itself and so does the mind. Seeing how much you can endure and not having the mind question your abilities.

Overall, exercise is something anyone can do. For relieving stress or handling stress, it fits the bill across the board.

Image credit: Martin Novak