Prepping For Exercise At The Gym

Prepping For Exercise At The Gym

Whether you’re exercising at home or the gym, you’ll need to do some prep work but do so with some common sense so you don’t invite injury or cause problems for others. Most of all, you prep so that you can get the best out of your workout.

Prepping for your exercise regimen doesn’t just call for the physical preliminaries, it also calls for other things which we’ll cover right now.

If you’re at the gym, there is the consideration for others who use the equipment and the staff. We all take turns on the various exercise machines and we need to be ready to use them and make it easy for others to follow your use. So when you go to the gym, be ready to be socially responsible. So let’s take a look at how a responsible person preps for a session at the gym.

First, make sure you’ve greeted the staff and have taken a look around to see how busy the place is. Is your exercise circuit clear or do you see a lot of people using those tools and devices? That means you’ll have to change things to accommodate them and you. While changing into your exercise gear in the locker room, make sure you don’t leave anything around, especially things on the floor that someone can slip on. Bring extra towels and a small squirt bottle with a mild disinfectant. Some gyms provide these so make sure to find out and show yours to staff to make sure your cleaner won’t harm the materials there.

Now that you’re ready to get busy, you may want to engage in some physical and mental prep. Stretching like in yoga or meditation seems to help people. There may be controversy regarding this but what works for you, works for you. Next, clean off the materials or machines you’re going to use. Next, after use, clean off again and move on. Make sure you’re working a variety of muscle groups so that you’ll get that overall or targeted workout and not something that will make your workouts lopsided.

You may need to have an energy bar or a sports drink with you. Make sure they’re prepared properly so you don’t have to fumble around for them during or after a workout.

Always make sure whatever gear you’re wearing isn’t worn out so it will fail during use. This especially goes for gloves and shoes. If you like your music while working out, make sure you have your playlist prepped before hand so you don’t have to fumble around looking for the songs you want to play. Same goes for incoming phone calls. You can set your phone to let others know you’re working out and don’t want to be bothered.

The key things here are being prepared for the best and most efficient workouts for maximum gains. This also means keeping statistics to gauge your progress. Make sure your stats collecting devices are ready to roll when you are.

Overall, taking care of the little things will bring about a problem free exercise workout at the gym. Trouble free means you’ll have more concentration on your workout and not constant problems that pop up and distract you. Be professional at the gym and exercise with the intention of improving yourself and all around you and you’ll be prepping yourself for a better future.

Image credit: Andres Rodriguez