What You Ingest Can Affect Your Fitness Regimen Badly

Yes, it’s good to eat a well balanced and healthy diet and many fitness people do. However, it’s just not the foods and drinks you ingest that can have an affect, it’s of great concern if you ingest medications, drugs, and even alcohol. In addition, new foods must also have one on guard and we’ll see why. Your Body’s Workings The body is a magnificent engineering marvel. It can process complex chemical processes that even our most advanced machines can’t duplicate. Scientists are still trying Read More +

Don’t Let Your Workout Wear You Out

Exercise should leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the day. Far too often, however, we end up at the end of a workout tired and exhausted for the rest of the day. That is counter productive and we need to look at the causes and remedies of workout exhaustion. While hanging out at the gym doing your fitness routine, you may not realize that what you’re doing is not going to make you feel better. One thing is we get into a rut, a Read More +

Uncovering The Truth About ‘Flip Flops’ And Personal Fitness Protection

Flip-flops are no doubt very comfortable, and popular among Americans and others around the world. Flip-flops, much like sandals or other ‘affordable’ and simple footwear are very practical for laying back and relaxing, lounging around the pool, or taking a stroll along the beach. However, Trusted, long-time podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Christina Long of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center stated in a recent health center news release that people should choose more carefully not only the type of flip-flops they wear Read More +

Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With A Friend REALLY Works

Exercise can be a strenuous activity, especially if you’re just getting started! Naturally, some people are either more advanced than others, or in better shape to do more strenuous activities, such as weightlifting, or even variations of cardio like swimming, biking, and running. Experts say, however, that teaming up with a “workout partner” (or partners) can make a world of difference, and improve your overall performance, progress, and simply make the experience that much more enjoyable! Let’s review the Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With Read More +

Weight Training Is Excellent For Women

Women might shy away from the idea of weight training. They may feel like doing such activities will make them more masculine looking. Nothing is farther from the truth. Women can gain exceptional benefits from lifting weights and we’ll look at a few reasons why. Weight Lifting Is For Everyone Anyone can benefit from weight training. From young to very old, the benefits of weightlifting are numerous. It boosts your metabolism, physical strength and endurance, keeps your body in better posture, burns fat automatically and Read More +

Being Creative With Exercise

It’s tough enough to get Americans to get out there and exercise as their habits keep showing a sedentary lifestyle that has brought obesity to epidemic proportions. There is a way, however, to make your exercise regimen not only exciting but entertaining as well. First of all is to set realistic goals and don’t overdo things. Put the fun exercises at the end of your routine. Things like jumping jacks are good. You get to bounce around and get some cardiovascular work. It will keep Read More +

What’s Your Favorite Calorie Burning Workout?

Just about everyone’s got their favorite way to burn off those excess calories and each way has its own particular benefits. We’ll take a look at these exercise regimens and focus on the positive side. JOGGING The first exercise workout most people think of in regard to burning off calories is jogging. Int he old days people jogged all over the place which is why obesity was so rare in human history. When we grew into a sedentary life and work style during the past Read More +

Pumping Iron Is An Excellent Fitness Solution

Weightlifting, pumping iron, resistance training, whatever you want to call it is a beneficial fitness solution overall. There’s no exercise regimen like weight lifting except maybe swimming. The benefits of weightlifting are so multi-fold that it could take quite a bit of time to explain. First of all, weightlifting brings about a strengthening of the person all over. Core muscles are the first to benefit as do those skeletal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Strengthening these up means you’ll find moving about and resting and going Read More +

The Value Of Walking

Walk It’s one of the best and most fundamental exercises for overall health benefits.  Multiple studies have shown the value of walking on the body’s basic systems as well as the brain.  There are ways to use walking as a regular regimen and making it fun means all the difference in the world. First off, check with your doctor and let them know your intent on either taking up more walking or expanding your daily or weekly walking.  Once you’ve got the okay, then the Read More +

Preventing Muscle Loss Through Fitness

There are several reasons why people lose muscle mass and knowing how to counter this problem is more than just going to the gym.  It calls for having a knowledge of diet and fitness training and making sure you follow a regimen that brings about the best results. To lose muscle mass is called sarcopenia.  The primary reason for muscle mass loss is diet.  Not eating enough protein or a balanced diet that involves all the right measures of protein and carbohydrates as well as Read More +