Pumping Iron Is An Excellent Fitness Solution

Weightlifting, pumping iron, resistance training, whatever you want to call it is a beneficial fitness solution overall. There’s no exercise regimen like weight lifting except maybe swimming. The benefits of weightlifting are so multi-fold that it could take quite a bit of time to explain. First of all, weightlifting brings about a strengthening of the person all over. Core muscles are the first to benefit as do those skeletal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Strengthening these up means you’ll find moving about and resting and going Read More +

The Value Of Walking

Walk It’s one of the best and most fundamental exercises for overall health benefits.  Multiple studies have shown the value of walking on the body’s basic systems as well as the brain.  There are ways to use walking as a regular regimen and making it fun means all the difference in the world. First off, check with your doctor and let them know your intent on either taking up more walking or expanding your daily or weekly walking.  Once you’ve got the okay, then the Read More +

Preventing Muscle Loss Through Fitness

There are several reasons why people lose muscle mass and knowing how to counter this problem is more than just going to the gym.  It calls for having a knowledge of diet and fitness training and making sure you follow a regimen that brings about the best results. To lose muscle mass is called sarcopenia.  The primary reason for muscle mass loss is diet.  Not eating enough protein or a balanced diet that involves all the right measures of protein and carbohydrates as well as Read More +

Looks Like Stretching And Exercising Don’t Mix

This is one of those times where something we’ve been all told has turned out to be not what it should be.  In this case, it’s about the value of stretching before and after exercising. What’s this?  Isn’t stretching good for exercising?  Surely this has a bit to be a major mistake.  Millions will attest to the benefits of stretching.  Many claim it prevents tears and cramps.  Others claim it increases blood flow and general well being.  For some reason, people find it beneficial but Read More +

How to Kill Your Workouts?

Working out can feel like a chore, but with the right attitude, discipline, and work ethic you can maximize your returns and really get the most out of your workout. The first step in getting on the fitness train is to find the motivation and more importantly commitment to stick to a workout regimen. There are some key tips which can allow you to get the most out of your workout while also keeping you motivated and having fun. One thing that you want to Read More +

Upcoming Exercise Trends To Look Out For

As the fitness craze continues to grow, the fitness industry is coming up with new ways to old tricks and they’re gong to do anything they can to get your dollar for them. It’s a matter of knowing what will capture the attention of the public by any means necessary. This includes using celebrities from sports and movies to whatever they can get away with. In that case, let’s look at five fitness trends resting on the horizon. It’s not new, but it’s a standard Read More +

Fighting Dementia By Working Out

Any exercise buff can attest to the observation that rigorous exercise has a positive effect on brain function. Many studies have been done regarding this subject and a recent study finds that dementia, that lingering, sinister degradation of cognitive function can be put in check with simple exercise. The study, recently released  hasn’t been peer reviewed yet but the evidence alone is something worth paying attention to as it clearly points to exercise as a major deterrent to the advances of dementia and other age Read More +

Importance of Weight Training

Strength training has recently been growing in popularity over the years, along with the combination of weight training. Using strength training unique and desirable because it’s practical for those that are not in good shape, overweight, or have minor to mild injuries – of course with the approval first of a licensed physician or specialist. Weight training is an optimal form of exercise because it allows you to begin at any level of weight resistance that you desire, including the use of resistance bands, or Read More +

Exercise: Keep On Keeping On

Starting a workout regimen is fine; however, once you’ve started it’s not a good idea to stop.  You’ve got to keep on keeping on with a workout if you’re going to get the best benefits. The reason you’ve got to keep up the gym visits or at home exercise routine is because the benefits of a workout, rigorous or not, will wear off in about 10 days.  It’s due to several factors including blood flow and metabolic rate.  Exercise increases blood flow thus promoting both Read More +

Exercise Might Be The Cure For Alcohol Related Cancers

In a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers have presented evidence that exercise can combat the dangers of alcohol-related cancers. The study analyzed data from 36,000 men and women that were over the age of 40 who had taken part in an annual Scottish Health for England or the Scottish Health Survey during the 1990s and 2000s. The people participating were put into six category groups, had not consumed alcohol ever, ex-drinkers, hazardous drinking, harmful drinking, and occasional drinker. The Read More +