What’s Your Favorite Calorie Burning Workout?

What's Your Favorite Calorie Burning Workout?Just about everyone’s got their favorite way to burn off those excess calories and each way has its own particular benefits. We’ll take a look at these exercise regimens and focus on the positive side.


The first exercise workout most people think of in regard to burning off calories is jogging. Int he old days people jogged all over the place which is why obesity was so rare in human history. When we grew into a sedentary life and work style during the past 100 years, excess weight has become a detriment to our well being. Man fat related diseases sprang up to the point of overwhelming our social resources. Jogging got a popularity kick in the late 1960s and is now a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. There are jogging shoes, socks, hats, mechanical devices, magazines, and more. Over the years the research into jogging provided safer support materials like shoes and areas where jogging is best done. Running on hard services can cause damage so now people have shows that prevent that. This allows for more concentration on the activity and more calories to burn. Start your jogging regimen starts with an OK from your doctor and then following good jogging advice. Don’t push yourself too far but don’t avoid challenges. You can burn off a ton of calories per day by this exercise alone and you can have fun doing it. Now with smartphones plugged in you can listen to your favorite music or news shows. Even talk to your doctor while jogging and have immediate response should something go wrong.


Swimming is an all time favorite regarding calorie burning. Swimming is the only exercise that everyone can call fun. It doesn’t take a toll on the body as some exercises can do, and you can do it indoors at a gym or outside. If you’re lucky to live in an area with a beach or vacation type swimming pools, you not only get to burn off calories with even the modest of regimens, but you get to meet and play with other people of all ages and types. A swimming workout is more an adventure than exercise and it’s not good if you do some robotic regimen as it will bore you and you’ll not speak. A good 30 minutes of activity will not only boost your caloric burn but it will continue with your resting metabolism that will burn off fat more efficiently too. The good stuff doesn’t stop there. Swimming calls for breath control and you’ll be able to increase your lung capacity and build muscle, all contributing to an increase and maintaining of a great metabolic system that burns calories night and day.


Yes, walking. You would think that walking is what we do every day. However, that’s not the case with many people. They sit around so much that they don’t burn off any calories and just get fatter and fatter. In the old days, people walked all over just doing their daily duties. That burned up calories regularly and kept their metabolisms sharp. You can start a walking exercise regimen at any time. If you want to increase your walking times, you can match them with doing chores or errands. Just walking to the grocery store a mile away will burn up some calories and keep the metabolism going. Like jogging, walking can be lots of fun. So much fun in fact that many people walk to almost exhaustion not realizing it. If you live in a city you can walk through the areas that perk you up. Stop by and say hello to new people and really expand your social circle. If you live in a small town or the country, you can just soak up the friendly ambiance and beauty of nature. That’s doing some walking and growing in mind and spirit. If you have a pet you can bring them along but realize that even though they have four legs, they can’t walk or run as long as a human can. They’ll wear out easier. No land animal on Earth can out-walk or outrun a human being. The animals may be faster but not the endurance especially in extreme weather conditions that we humans feel comfortable with.


Nothing says workout exercise like a ball. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, or soccer, ball playing. You’re usually running around constantly with these games and that keeps the heart pumping and calories burning off night and day. Soccer is the most exhaustive but rewarding. A good game of soccer will burn up calories at an alarming rate and boost heart and circulatory function to great benefits. Outside of the bumps and bruises of ball play, you won’t find any lack of social fun too.


Although it looks slow and tedious, Tai Chi is a wonderful calorie burner, probably one of the best in the exercise list. Why? Because Tai Chi is the use of muscles, lungs, heart, working in coordination with each other on a highly efficient basis. This means that the body’s systems know that the excess calories will lead to harm so they burn off those calories in a precise manner that you might not notice until you’re trying to get your clothes to fit again. All martial arts from Karate to Kung Fu utilize a multitude of calorie burning exercises. These exercises are designed to build up every system in the body and mind and spirit. The training can be rigorous at times but don’t let that daunt you one bit as the rewards are immense.

Finally, calorie burning starts when you do. Keep a stiff upper lip and get going.

Picture Credit: skeeze