Pumping Iron Is An Excellent Fitness Solution

Pumping Iron Is An Excellent Fitness SolutionWeightlifting, pumping iron, resistance training, whatever you want to call it is a beneficial fitness solution overall. There’s no exercise regimen like weight lifting except maybe swimming. The benefits of weightlifting are so multi-fold that it could take quite a bit of time to explain.

First of all, weightlifting brings about a strengthening of the person all over. Core muscles are the first to benefit as do those skeletal muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Strengthening these up means you’ll find moving about and resting and going about your chores much easier and productive. You’ll be able to achieve more for longer periods of time and avoid injury.

It also takes good sense nutrition to support a weight lifting regimen. Muscle needs nutrition, as well as every other part of your body as this kind of exercise, can push your body’s systems and structure to the limit. This doesn’t mean agonizing exercise but that weights cause the body to need more in order to repair and regulate itself. Learning and following a good nutritional regimen along with your weight lifting will establish a sane and long term benefit for you.

Bone density is a great reward that is gathered from weight lifting. It’s a fitness approach benefit that is very long term good for you. So many people grow older, and up with bone ailments. Their bones get brittle and weak and can’t support their bodies. This leads to osteoporosis and other diseases. For younger people, weight lifting helps the bones to form properly and gives them a great head start.

Eating right and weight lifting leads to better digestion and respiration too. Your skin would clear up and you’ll not only feel better but look better. People will take notice of you and you’ll get lots of compliments. You can’t beat that for a benefit!

It takes a lot of discipline to follow a weight lifting fitness regimen. There are proper ways to do it and not. A steady schedule after chatting with your doctor should be followed religiously. You’ll be working for different muscle groups on different days and using specific exercises and equipment on these muscle groups. Some people will want to build muscle to bulk up, while others like the cut lean look. No matter which goals you’re looking for, it’ll take time and discipline to achieve them.

Weight lifting for fitness is more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good about yourself, your future, your relationships. Knowing you can go the distance in the weight room, knowing you can achieve well-planned goals, all add to one’s self-esteem and good nature. You will feel better not only about yourself but about life and others in general. Being physically fit is a great lifestyle change and it should be a mandatory thing in your life and your family and friends too. Matter of fact you can work out together or set planned goals for losing fat and building muscle. Losing fat is a big motivator because by default the more muscle you put on the faster and longer you’ll burn off those excess fat cells!

Overall, weight lifting is a sure fired way to look good, feel good, and be good.

Picture Credit: skeeze