Weight Training Is Excellent For Women

Weight Training Is Excellent For WomenWomen might shy away from the idea of weight training. They may feel like doing such activities will make them more masculine looking. Nothing is farther from the truth. Women can gain exceptional benefits from lifting weights and we’ll look at a few reasons why.

Weight Lifting Is For Everyone

Anyone can benefit from weight training. From young to very old, the benefits of weightlifting are numerous. It boosts your metabolism, physical strength and endurance, keeps your body in better posture, burns fat automatically and more. For women, this is important for just everyday goings on. It brings you to your maximum height as the muscle supports your skeleton better. It helps when doing self-defense tactics that every woman should know and practice. It also calls for other regimens that benefit as well.

Other Goodies

When engaging in weight lifting a whole new lifestyle emerges as you’ll need to adopt new ways of eating, resting, exercise, and more. Learning the right proportions of foods as well as their vitamin and mineral content is crucial. Caloric intake takes the high ground here and with a regimen of eating lower carbs and a boosted metabolism as well as the muscle itself eating up that excess fat.

Women who are pregnant can benefit from weightlifting during and after pregnancy. The baby will have a healthier environment to grow in and you won’t be bloated and encumbered with excess fat after delivery. The recovery time from pregnancy varies from one woman to another, but weight lifting under doctor’s orders and guidance can be of great benefit.


Teenage women need to learn weight lifting asap. No, they won’t grow muscles like males, but they will grow muscle and strength. This is something that needs to be done under the watchful eye of a phys ed professional or fitness coach. Women need to gain strength, but they can also sculpt the muscle, meaning picking which muscles to grow to which size. It keeps those feminine curves in effect but doesn’t compromise on the other benefits of weightlifting.

Looking Good And Having Fun

Weightlifting for women can lead to such goodies as looking good and having fun. If you join a gym with other weight lifting going on you’ll meet people of like goals and mindset. These are people who will show determination and courage and these are qualities that can rub off on you. As you progress you’ll start gaining attention and respect and will be an inspiration to others.

The true threat to weightlifting for women will be in the mirror. Seeing your self without the fat and bad posture will show you what you really are. Of course, that smaller waist size is going to be the big winner. Weight lifting will automatically bring your waist size down and in most cases rapidly. That tough tummy fat can be a challenge, but not for dedicated weightlifters.


Getting the proper weightlifting training from a professional is highly recommended. Fit 360 Florida is a place where you can get a sane and effective weight training lifestyle going on. They’re just the right step forward to getting you to looking great and feeling great.

Picture Credit: skeeze