The 6 Benefits of Stretching Nobody Told you About

We’ve all been through this…You decided that you want to go for a run, actually went for it and, after the first mile your whole body – legs, especially – is killing you. You know why this is happening? Because you forgot one essential thing that should be done before going for a run: stretching.

Ask any trainer you know and you’ll get the same answer about the importance of stretching. Specifically, all of them will say that it’s essential and you should never ignore it if you want to get the max out of your workout. But this is not everything!

Below you can find (just) 6 benefits of stretching nobody puts that much accent on, but with a big impact on your overall condition.

It improves your posture

In a nutshell, improving your posture is about a lot more than just sitting up straight. Having tight muscles all the time is the equivalent of having weak muscles and this leads to postural compensations. And believe me, it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them.

It gets you rid of back pain

Spending a lot of time at the office? I know, you have a constant back pain. Well, what if I told you that one of the causes is having tight hamstrings? And you know what can relax tight muscles? That’s right, stretching. Take a few minutes for this before doing any exercise and you will surely feel stress relieved.

It prevents injury

Probably one of the most important benefits of stretching, prior to exercise, that is, is that it helps you avoid any type of injury. You should know that working with cold, tight muscles is not recommended at all, so don’t forget about those few minutes before your workout and stretch those muscles a bit.

It keeps your joints healthy

You’re probably not feeling this right now, but in a few years, your joints will need some attention. But this is where proper stretching comes in, moving them through their full range of motion! Besides this, it increases the flexibility in our tendons, so you’re less likely to suffer from issues like runner’s knee or tennis elbow.

It helps you sleep better

The benefits of stretching aren’t related just to your workout. For example, a few moves of static stretching just before going to bed will relieve a part of the tightness or cramping you can feel during the night. Let that sink in for a moment. Oh, and besides reducing stress, you will be able to fall asleep way quicker, something which a lot of people are after.

It improves your flexibility

Last but not least, let’s not forget a major benefit stretching has, no matter if you’re doing it before or after a workout: it takes your flexibility to a whole new level and retrains your brain to let you move in ways you couldn’t move before. Keeping it short, you will be able to do more complex moves, as by stretching your muscles, your neurological system will think that they should stay like that or else you will hurt yourself.

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Picture Credit: skeeze