Study Points To Benefits Of Exercise For Young Women

Study Points To Benefits Of Exercise For Young Women

In a recent study that involved over 90,000 women of all ages, the data gleaned from their lifestyles showed that young women benefited greatly from just 2.5 hours of rigorous exercise per week. The women of all ages showed similar benefits but the younger women showed enough gain that it clears up the questions of whether youth and exercise are a good combination.

The mere minimum was 2.5 hours a week of brisk exercise that ranged from walking to jogging and other activities. This now shows that exercise overall is a significant factor in decreasing the dangers of cardiovascular disease by 25%.

This should serve the fitness industry well as the study will bolster the exercise industry ranging from exercise equipment, supplements, gymnasiums, and more. The industries involved will be able to quote this study with confidence and thus further legitimize their agendas.

The commercial value is one thing, the bottom line is that women, younger women would establish an exercise regimen that should be incorporated now and for the test of their lives. It’s amazing that the human body with just a short amount to time could gain so much in health benefits. 2.5 hours a week isn’t anything. Let’s say a woman does a 60 minute routine twice a week and one 30 minute routine. That’s it, she’s done. If she does more, all the better. One doesn’t have to go to a gym to achieve a great exercise session, one can have a stair stepper or treadmill at home or at the office. Frequency didn’t matter as much as the cumulative amount of time each week.
In addition, a good workout regimen should also include smart nutritional choices, rest, and positive outlook.

The Nurses Health Study brings to the fore the value of exercise whether moderate or vigorous. Vigorous is better, but even moderate exercise worked for the women under 50 years of age.

No mention of fat loss, but today we know that the way to lose fat is two-fold, decrease caloric intake and the body will burn up the excess calories that are stored in fat. All those miracle cures and weight loss gurus don’t want you to know that, but essentially that’s the only way to lose fat. Your body is like a car with a balloon to hold the gasoline. If the car needs only 2000 calories a day the balloon gas tank will stay normal, but if you keep adding calorie gasoline the tank will expand to the point of obesity. Plain and simple.

Now it behooves younger women to talk to their doctors and set an exercise regimen and talk to a professional nutritionist about diet and goals. Combined, 2.5 or more hours a week exercising and a good diet and rest will show improvements both short and long term.

So you ladies out there better get on the good foot and get your physical fitness lifestyle in order right away. With some study you’ll find that workout times can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

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