Fighting Dementia By Working Out

Gym-Excercising: Fighting Dementia By Working OutAny exercise buff can attest to the observation that rigorous exercise has a positive effect on brain function. Many studies have been done regarding this subject and a recent study finds that dementia, that lingering, sinister degradation of cognitive function can be put in check with simple exercise.

The study, recently released  hasn’t been peer reviewed yet but the evidence alone is something worth paying attention to as it clearly points to exercise as a major deterrent to the advances of dementia and other age related brain disorders.

It’s certain that nutrition plays a major role in this too but the study focuses primarily on exercise and that’s good news. Not only does exercise prohibit advancement of dementia, but rehabilitates the brain as well. That’s reversing the damage done and leaving the organism in a better state of affairs.

The study was done by researchers from the Wake Forest school of Medicine that used an MRI to study the subjects. They found that aerobic exercise did the trick regarding boosting the brain’s functions of adults who had been diagnosed with a form of mild cognitive impairment. The exercises increased brain volume. Suggested stretching regimens appeared to do the trick also but no data showed that it increased brain function. The 35 subjects were scanned by the specialized MRI and all had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment being a risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s Disease. The group was spit into two groups with one doing aerobic exercise and the other, stretching. After 6 months the data was examined and their conclusions now published. To have two sets of data, both covering function and volume allows for a foundation for further study that may well lead to simple treatments never before realized.

After the second scan via MRI at the 6 month period, researchers saw increases of significance. The value of such data will depend on what the long term studies and further experimentation.

The ramifications are astonishing. Should it pan out that simple aerobic exercise and stretching are viable and reliable treatments then we’ll see a drastic change in dealing with age related cognitive functions that would alleviate the conditions of millions worldwide.

There’s something to say then about exercise.

Image credit: ireshapeu