Should Women’s Fitness Regimen Include Resistance Training/Weightlifting?

5Should Women's Fitness Regimen Include Resistance Training/Weightlifting?

Believe it or not, resistance training aka weightlifting is not just for bulky men and teenage boys.  Resistance training is a benefit to everyone who can pick up a weight, and that goes double for women.

Is Weightlifting Safe For Women?

Answer: Weightlifting aka resistance training is one of the most rigorous of exercise regimens, but when done properly the risk of injury is very minimal if not none at all.  It all depends on common sense and ‘form’.  Don’t lift weights that are too heavy and don’t do the fundamental exercises foolishly.  Keeping those two simple things in mind, one should have a positive and rewarding fitness experience.  Women have physiological demands that calls for them to choose the right weightlifting exercises to exploit their particular muscles.  In this case, legs are primary as well as back muscles.  The large muscle groups will show the fastest changes but the small muscle groups is where everything starts. You hit those first to support stability and balance so that you can go for the bigger muscle groups without causing injury.  So basically, weightlifting is safe for women and anyone else who can take responsibility and follow sound advice.

Will Weightlifting Make Me Look Like A Man?

Often, the question arises if weightlifting will make a woman look more manly.  It all depends on how the way the training regimen goes.  In professional bodybuilding women go for mass, big muscles so that they can show on stage and in pictures and videos.  Not such the case with the average weightlifter.  You’ll not be lifting weights like a pro bodybuilder, but you’ll use weights on a gradual basis, sculpting your body as you go along.  This is easy but you must listen to your body along the way.  Women don’t want broad shoulders and a big back like a man, but a tight derriere and legs along with some good abs will get people to turn their heads.  Trainers know this inside and out so they’ll guide you through.  Since each woman is different, some may do minimal exercises on their shoulders and get big gains.  In that case you lower the weight to reverse the process and get the muscle group back into an acceptable shape.  Some women think they need supplements that can increase testosterone to make muscle grow fast.  No, don’t do it.  Your body will make what it needs, when it needs it with a smart nutritional diet, rest, and expertise.

Will Weightlifting Make Me Lose Weight?

Definitely.  As a matter of fact, weightlifting is one of, if not the #1 way to lose those excess pounds without an excruciating amount of effort.  The reason is multi fold.  First of all, muscle eats fat.  Muscle has to be fed and it will target those fat reserves the body is afraid to give up.  Resistance training also raises your resting metabolic rate considerably.  This means you keep on burning calories while you rest and sleep. The upped metabolic rate works like magic for hours and hours after you stop working out and then some.  The actual exercises to tone the body will burn up calories too.  See, the way to grow big muscles is to lift heavy weights at low reps, but the way to tone the body and burn up fat is to work with lower weights at higher reps.

What Are The Benefits Of Weightlifting/Resistance Training For Women?

When it comes to overall benefits from weight lifting, there’s a plethora of benefits that cover every aspect of the human body and life.  First of all you’re conditioning your body from top to bottom.  Every system in your body improves considerably and quite rapidly.  Just three weeks of a weightlifting regimen for women will show amazing results to the point of astonishment.  You’ll find yourself getting stronger at an accelerated rate, your balance will improve, skin will improve, cardiovascular system improve, digestion, cognitive functions and much, much more.  Your physical endurance will improve across the board and you’ll find yourself with boundless energy and more resistant to injuries.  Remember, you’re not trying to turn into the superhero, the Hulk, you’re building up your body on a large scale and doing so with an effective, targeted approach that sculpts the body the way you like it.  Oh, and if you want to prevent degenerative bone issues like osteoporosis then resistance training for women is the best thing you can do. It begins to increase bone density the first few days of practice, and with a nutritious diet, you correct and prevent most bone disorders.

How Do I Start Weightlifting/Resistance Training For Women?

As with all exercise regimens, the first place to start is with your doctor.   Your general practitioner should know what you should and shouldn’t do.  This includes considering old and present injuries, complications and symptoms of present issues.  Once the doctor gives you the green light, you look for a gym that has personal trainers specializing in resistance training for women.  These professionals know all the things to do right and wrong.  They’ll sit you down, ask you about your goals and medical history..  Then they’ll show you around the gym exhibiting the types of exercises it takes.  Now, some exercises they’ll tell you to stay away from as they wouldn’t meet your goals.  Using statistics to chart your progress you’ll be on your way with a regimen that fits your goals.  Gyms also have referrals to certified nutritionists.  Your doctor should have them too.  Your trainer will know how many grams of protein and carbs you should have per day as well as the right combination of vitamins and minerals.  You take this info and pass it by your doctor as the doctor might know that too much of one vitamin or mineral may not fit the health regimen they’ve set for you.  When you get all the pieces in order, just start.  It’ll be sore the first week but after that it will be smooth sailing.


Women and girls in their mid teens should not avoid resistance training.  It’s one of the best ways to get in shape there is and have fun at it too.  It’s a life changing experience that brings confidence, high self esteem that no one can attack, overall good looks, and health that is glowing.  Take a look into weightlifting and women, and if you’re pregnant, you can work out a regimen too.

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