Upcoming Exercise Trends To Look Out For

Tips for Putting a Small Office in OrderAs the fitness craze continues to grow, the fitness industry is coming up with new ways to old tricks and they’re gong to do anything they can to get your dollar for them. It’s a matter of knowing what will capture the attention of the public by any means necessary. This includes using celebrities from sports and movies to whatever they can get away with. In that case, let’s look at five fitness trends resting on the horizon.

It’s not new, but it’s a standard to rely on and get knowing results. It calls for lots of discipline and proper training, but weight training or strength training will change your life and this coming year, it looks like it’s going to be a favorite and surprise to many.

Advanced wearable technologies to monitor your performance, plan your nutrition, workouts, and lots of other features. These devices are not only popular and growing in such, but companies are battling it out tooth and nail to deliver the next breakthrough. Expect new and amazing features in these devices as they’re useful and fashionable. People often don’t care if their wearable fitness device works or not, only if it looks good and is prestigious. This industry can’t lose. Kids in particular love these devices and they are highly practical. That’s why you’ll see top execs use them as much as they use their smartphones.

Once again Yoga makes the list.

Americans are doing yoga from one end of the country to the to the other. Yoga is a proven fitness benefit and now that it’s trendy, you’re seeing more people joining up. You see new mothers, police officers, military, kids, teens, and that’s fantastic. It can be a real community or group fitness trend too. Yoga may actually explode further in popularity as new statistics come in regarding effectiveness. People can make all the claims about how great yoga is, but the bottom line will be the medical/clinical statistics collected by qualified personnel so that comparisons and improvements can be done.

Group fitness brings people together from all walks of life and it can be great for churches, family, schools, offices, and where ever people gather together. People working out in groups can encourage others to keep up the good work. It’s like having a family or support group you’ve always been looking for. The bonds formed can last a lifetime. The gym takes the place of those old fashioned meeting venues or enhances them. If you’re lucky you can workout with friends and family anywhere and have a grand old time.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training sounds like something from an Olympic training expert. It’s the trend for people who don’t have the time for traditional workouts and need to get in a workout with enough intensity that you get the maximum burn, maximum heart rate and more. It’s the kind of workout that only a doctor should recommend.

All of these trends will hopefully bring about a more healthy lifestyle for people all over.