Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With A Friend REALLY Works

Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With A Friend REALLY WorksExercise can be a strenuous activity, especially if you’re just getting started! Naturally, some people are either more advanced than others, or in better shape to do more strenuous activities, such as weightlifting, or even variations of cardio like swimming, biking, and running.

Experts say, however, that teaming up with a “workout partner” (or partners) can make a world of difference, and improve your overall performance, progress, and simply make the experience that much more enjoyable!
Let’s review the Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With A Friend REALLY Works!

  1. Motivation – First and foremost, working out with a partner or friends will undoubtedly make you more motivated the next time gym day comes up, you go on your morning jog – or even swim!
    Experts from Stanford University’s Health and Nutrition Department have reported that even ‘small doses’ of social support can make a real difference in not only improving your performance during workouts, but also the (psychological) likelihood that you’ll honor your next workout routine.
    Scientific research shows that social support systems play a major role in success during physical and mental activities, may it be recovering from substance abuse, reducing poor eating habits, or honoring your new workout routine.
  2. Increase your happiness – Working out with a gym partner or friend will make you feel both happier and “more connected”, according to experts. Being able to have someone to talk to before, during, and post-workout will improve your overall experience, performance, and the likelihood of hitting the gym again tomorrow.
  3. Your diet will likely improve – Believe it or not, assuming your gym partner is an effective nutritional influence, it’s likely you’ll also improve your diet and nutrition by gaining a valuable workout partner. Having a workout buddy also means you’re more liable to share ideas and discuss foods that do or don’t work, and motivate one another to do better!
  4. Improve your confidence – Going to the gym, especially for the first time can be intimidating. However, if you have a gym partner, then experts say you’re that much more likely to feel confident in going – knowing what you want to get done, and putting your best foot forward to do so.
  5. Networking and discovering new ideas – Having a gym partner or ‘buddy’ has been proven to also dramatically increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to network more with like-minded individuals, increasing the overall likelihood that you’ll stick to your diet and fitness plan – or even make more ‘gym partners!’

Finally, remember you don’t have to commit to just one gym partner. Try working out with different friends or even co-workers, and discover which you seem to perform best with, or are most happy with exercising along side of.

Picture Credit: claudioscott