These Are The Secrets Of Staying Motivated At The Gym

The Secrets of Gym MotivationNo matter what some people say, sticking to a gym routine is more than just actually wanting to do something in order to look and feel better. It’s not enough to have a desire to start, as you also need to stay motivated during your entire journey.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who start on this road don’t have what it takes and they end up quitting after their first workout. Some of them do manage to visit the gym regularly, but they’re not motivated enough to push as hard as they can, so they don’t eventually obtain the results they always wanted.

Sure, we all know about motivational quotes or music, as they work for some people, but in this case, it’s science which can actually help you to stay motivated at the gym. To be more specific, we’re talking about some science-backed principles which, as long as you stick to them, the results shouldn’t be late.

Competition can spark the fire

Whether you’re looking to lift bigger weights or just go faster on the treadmill, having some competition can be a major boost during your workout. You don’t need to be competitive by nature, as simply finding an individual – or even a group – better than you will start something in you and make you try giving as much as you can.

Get a gym partner

Even though you’re among those who prefer solo fitness sessions, getting somebody to work alongside can seriously boost your motivation levels. Especially if that somebody is better than you, as mentioned at the previous point!

Working alongside a gym partner will make you more responsible and think twice before deciding that you don’t really feel like working out on a specific day. After all, there’s somebody coming to the gym and counting on you to work as a team.

Stop working out just for looks

“The moment I stopped working out for my physical appearance I became more motivated,” says Diana Mitrea, ACE-certified personal trainer in New York City and co-founder of Stronger With Time. “When exercise is all about the way you look, and you fall short of your expectations a few times, you end up just giving up.”

As you can see, the idea is simple: as long as you work out just to obtain that summer body, you may end up disappointed if the results don’t show up as fast as you were expecting. And believe us, this can be seriously demotivating.

Instead of focusing on such a big goal, try setting smaller goals. These will help you celebrate small fitness victories, like losing a few pounds, nailing your first push-up or running 5km without stopping.

Make a bet

Yes, you read that right. If none of the tricks above are powerful enough to make you push your limits, maybe the idea of losing some money if you don’t do it will.

We know, this sounds a bit rough, but it’s guaranteed to work.

Specific smartphone apps, like PACT or Diet Bet, allow you to set a fitness goal, then insert your bank account within the app. It’s not hard to guess what happens if you don’t reach that goal, right? An initially established sum will be donated on your behalf. On the other side, if you meet your goal, you can even get a bonus. This sounds like a challenge, isn’t it?

Finally, if none of the tips presented above can make you motivated enough, maybe you should try a personal trainer! You can find one at Fitness 360, in any of the locations in Clearwater, Westchase, or Panama City Beach. Under their full guidance, obtaining your desired results is just a matter of time!