The Unknown Benefits of Cycling

Cycling - health benefitsHow many times have you heard that you should stop taking your car to work and opt for cycling? Yeah, we’ve been through the same situation. However, we must admit that they’re absolutely right, since, as long as the weather allows it, going to work – as well as other places – by bike has only benefits. And after all, there are several big cities in the world where cycling is way more popular than driving.

The most interesting fact is that going everywhere by bike has a lot of benefits, some of them being really surprising, especially if you’re relatively new to this ‘culture’.

Generally speaking, regular physical activity can help you protect from serious diseases, including obesity, cancer, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, or arthritis. As for regularly driving your bicycle, it’s definitely one of the best ways to reduce any risk of health problems which come if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

But let’s find out a few extra details cycling, as a form of exercising, actually has:

It keeps your weight under control

This is pretty much the biggest advantage this activity has, raising your metabolic rate, building muscle and, obviously, burning body fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, combine cycling with a healthy eating plan and you will surely be impressed by the results. Sure, it’s a comfortable form of exercise, but if you increase the time and intensity, it can be built up slowly and varied to perfectly suit your needs.

It keeps cardiovascular diseases away

Strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks are among the most common cardiovascular diseases. However, cycling regularly stimulates and improves your heart, as well as lungs and circulation, therefore seriously reducing the risk of dealing with such affections.

A lesser known aspect is the fact that it strengthens your heart muscles, lowers the resting pulse and finally, reduces blood fat levels. Researchers have proven that people who cycle to work have up to three times less exposure to pollution than regular car commuters, which means that their lungs work better!

No more bone injuries

Thanks to its ability to improve strength, balance, and coordination, cycling is a great way to deal with any other issues that lead to falls and fractures. Also, if you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, it’s the best form of exercise, since it places a small amount of stress on joints.

A great way to deal with mental illness

Depression, stress, and anxiety are some of the most common examples of mental illness encountered nowadays, among a lot of people. However, their effects can be reduced by regularly riding your bike. Keeping it short, this happens due to the effects of the exercising itself, but also of the enjoyment that riding a bike brings.

A possible way to treat cancer?

Researchers have intensely studied the potential relationship between exercising and cancer, especially breast and colon cancers. The studies revealed that if you cycle, the chance of bowel cancer will be reduced, while some evidence suggests that regular cycling can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

As you can see, riding a bike can be fun and healthy, but also a low-impact form of exercise for all ages, not to mention that it’s very easy to integrate into your daily routine.

If cycling outside is not your thing, you can always try doing it inside. Fitness 360 offers everything you need for this, as well as dedicated spinning classes, where you can cycle alongside a group and try passing your personal limits!

Picture Credit: Pexels