Preventing Muscle Loss Through Fitness

Preventing Muscle Loss Through FitnessThere are several reasons why people lose muscle mass and knowing how to counter this problem is more than just going to the gym.  It calls for having a knowledge of diet and fitness training and making sure you follow a regimen that brings about the best results.

To lose muscle mass is called sarcopenia.  The primary reason for muscle mass loss is diet.  Not eating enough protein or a balanced diet that involves all the right measures of protein and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals.  Muscle needs to be fed as it is tissue that gets damaged via exercise and after repairing itself gets bigger.  If you’ve been exercising but not growing muscle, it may be diet.  You may not be getting enough protein in your diet and the nutrients that the muscle needs for repair and growth.

The average adult needs around 100 grams of protein per day to prevent a loss of muscle.  As a person ages, they may not be as physically active enough to build muscle in the first place.  They may also have changed their diet to the point that it isn’t sufficient enough to feed and grow the muscle.  This is why older people run into such muscle loss problems.

On the other hand, there’s something else that one may be lacking that brings about a loss of muscle, a lack of sleep.  Sleep is the state of rest where our bodies and mind does diagnostics, regulation, and repair tissue.  If one isn’t getting enough sleep, such maintenance cannot be done and a state of a detriment will arise.  Make sure you get the right amount of sleep for your age and make sure it’s peaceful sleep and not just you closing your eyes.

Once you’ve figured out what the source of your muscle loss is, make it a point to establish a regimen that involves nutrition, exercise, rest.  It would be a smart move for the present and future and in less than a week you can see results.  This is where going to the gym and having a fitness regimen established.  Let your trainer know what your objectives are and they’ll work out something for you.  In addition, talk to your doctor and get them to prescribe a nutritionist as part of your team.  Now you’ll be able to tackle the muscle mass problem with the support and guidance you’ll need.

Muscle is like a garden.  You have to give it water, nutrients, and care.  As we get older and we start to lose muscle mass, prolonged loss can lead to other infirmities.  We no longer live in a world where people toil heavily day after day.  We have sedentary lifestyles that bring about any number of illnesses like diabetes II and obesity and high blood pressure.  The same goes for muscle.  Use it or lose it, the old saying goes and just a little bit of exercise 3 times a week for half an hour can do wonders.  If you decide to engage in serious resistance training, you can have a muscular physique well into their old age.

So don’t sit around losing ground.  Pay attention to your musculature and do things right.  It’s never too early to start and you can end up feeling good and looking good in no time.

Picture Credit: Kahmal89