Fitness Training And VO2 Max

Fitness Training And VO2 Max

If you’re unaware of what a VO2 max score is you’re not alone. It’s a term used primarily for devices that track your fitness performance. With some popular devices like FitBit Blaze or Fitbit Charge 2.

Definition Of VO2 Max Fitness Trainers

These fitness trackers use this score to determine the effectiveness of their devices and the performance of the user. Also, Polar, Jabra, and Garmin use this.

Basically, it’s a measure of how much oxygen your body can uptake to its maximum capacity. It gauges what your body can uptake during maximum aerobic exercise activity. It is measured by the milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body mass during a minute interval.

This allows for the incremental measuring of your aerobic performance and how you improve over time.

They Come In All Sizes

You’ll see a big time VO2 max testers at hospitals or military test training sessions, even astronaut and top-notch sports and Olympic venues. The big test machines have the works, masks and computers and treadmills and so on. Today’s new wearable fitness trackers use less intense technologies but do indeed give the use some good indicator of their present and future performance.

You’ll find a variety of these devices that sometimes have too much style and not enough substance. Even smartphones have been turned into fitness trackers, and you’ll probably see kids’ toys and other devices for even pets that track one’s VO2 max data.

Competitive Marketing Works For You

The market is competitive as even big name brand name celebs are offering their names to such products but at the end of the day, it’s how well do these fitness trackers do the job. You can have all the smiley face bells and whistles you want, but a good fitness tracker primarily gathers data as best as possible and presents it in a clear manner.

Lots Of Styles To Choose From

One thing you’ll not run short of is the various styles of these devices. Pop designers are kicking out designs left and right, and the costs are not short. You’ll find these fitness trackers ranging from just under 200 dollars and up to $500 easy. The rich get the top products, but they all generally do the same. It’s the perks regarding their durability and interactivity with other technologies that are really attractive.

People have the idea that the more expensive and stylish a device is the more effective it is. Not so. You have to do comparative research regarding these devices so that you get the most bang for your buck. Talk to your doctor or fitness professional about what they would recommend. Read verifiable reviews from various sites to determine which fitness trackers can do the kind of job you’re looking for within your budget.


You may find that buying such a device you can deduct as health equipment. It all depends on the laws of where you live but it’s for certain someone has already asked and that data is online, but double check it anyway.

Finally, if you’re a real die-hard fitness buff or are training professionally, these fitness trackers that measure your VO2 max scores will be imperative to your success. Just do the right thing and shop for and obtain the kind of tracker that will lead to a healthier and rewarding life.

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