Fitness Facts you Can’t Afford to Overlook

Fitness Facts you Can't Afford to OverlookWhether you want mental sharpness, more energy, or to be able to enjoy some dessert without feeling guilty, you need to add exercise into your life. This is because fitness benefits go far beyond what we think of as “obvious.” These other areas will truly motivate you to either start exercising or return to a regime you’ve let fall by the wayside, which is why they’re so important to pause and consider for just a moment.

Exercise Improves Your Brain Power

One of the most overlooked fitness benefits of exercise is how it helps you function better mentally. This is because it increases the oxygen and serotonin levels in your brain so you experience better mental clarity. These things will help you be more productive and lessen the time you spend at the doctor’s office.

Exercise Helps you Perform Better

Losing weight and gaining muscle tone are bound to happen after you’ve started a new exercise regime. Even if you don’t notice these fitness benefits when you look in the mirror at home, you’ll probably notice yourself feeling stronger, more flexible, and able to perform better. This is because your muscles work better and you have increased endurance. Things like your reaction time and balance will also improve.

Exercise Helps you Build Relationships

Take a partner to the gym with you – whether this is a spouse, family member, or a friend. Not only will this make it more fun for you to exercise since you’ll have someone there with you, but it’s also better for your health than meeting up for food or coffee. So, the next time someone suggests these things, why not suggest going for a walk or meeting up for a tennis match instead?

Another great thing will also happen when you have an exercise partner: You’ll both find yourselves being much more committed to your exercise program. This means that you’ll be more likely to reach your goals than if you’d tried to do it alone. Studies show that support is an essential part of reaching your long-term weight loss goals.

Exercise Lets you eat More

When you’re resting you’ll burn more calories than fat. This is why you need to have more muscle than fat on your body – so you have a higher resting metabolic rate. Of course, this is besides the calories that you’ll burn when you’re exercising.

What this means is that you can have an occasional cheat food (e.g. a cookie, small slice of cake, scoop of ice cream) without worrying about taking 10 steps backwards. This doesn’t mean you can eat anything any time you want though. Moderation combined with regular exercise really is the key here. It’s just another of the many fitness benefits you can enjoy though.

Exercise Should be the Goal not Weight Loss

Most people go to the gym to lose weight. Clearly, that isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from exercising though. It also shouldn’t be your main goal, or you’ll struggle to stick with your regime when you don’t see results. Instead, you should focus more on exercise’s other great benefits. When you’re ready to get serious about reaping these fitness benefits this year, get in touch with Fitness 360. They’ll help you put together a program that fits well with your lifestyle so exercise becomes more than a mere afterthought for you.

Picture Credit: Martine Savard