Exercise Does Help Fight Insomnia, Especially For Obese Men

Exercise Does Help Fight Insomnia, Especially For Obese MenIn a study that involved several dozen men who were obese, it has become apparent that an exercise program can and does help these people with insomnia.

The study was co-authored under the leadership of Sulin Cheng of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China as well as the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. The study recruited 45 men ranging in age from 30 to 65. Each of the men were obese or overweight. The subjects all had been suffering from insomnia. Three parameters of insomnia symptoms were observed, early-morning awakenings/non-restorative sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and of course difficulty in falling asleep. Half of the subjects were randomly selected to take part in aerobic exercises for a period of six months. The exercise sessions and types of exercises were done under the supervision of trainers and each subject was given a regimen that fit their ability and health.

The research team used traditional techniques and state of the art technologies to gather the data from the experiment. They used questionnaires, diet data, performance data, and even bed sensors and sleep diaries.

Overall, the results showed that exercise did alleviate the symptoms suffered by the men with insomnia. It further suggests that the same benefits can be achieved by women and in people in general.

It’s theorized that exercise remedies conflicts in the mind that occur when little or no exercise occurs. Settling the mind allows for the person to sleep better as the mind is satisfied that the body is being active. Probably also that the body’s repair systems kick in after exercise allowing for better blood flow which delivers more nutrients efficiently.
The bottom line here is that first, take responsibility to not become so overweight or obese. If so, and one suffers from insomnia, then taking part in an aerobic exercise program might just solve the problem. Don’t start out on your own, however, whenever undertaking a diet and exercise program, always consult with your primary care physician and work out a series of regimens to get you to your goals safely.

Insomnia can be very detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. The body needs sleep to repair the ravages of daily activity and assaults on the body from microorganisms. Without sleep, the body will begin to cascade into multiple system failures. It could affect everything from stability to digestion and immune system problems. As for the mind, with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the mind can’t diagnose itself and its body and environment. People can become irrational and disoriented as well as a danger to themselves and others without this level of sleep.

So insomnia isn’t something to let go as something that will cure itself. Get to the bottom of the problem by consulting your doctor and mentioning this study. You might just get the sleep you deserve.