5 useful ways to improve your fitness routine

Tips on Improving Fitness LevelsFitness results come with sweat and hard work, but a few useful tips are always capable of improving the outcome. We are not some know-it-all, yet we have enough experience and knowledge to make your time spent at Fitness 360 productive. Let’s see how you can make the most out of your workout session!

1. Leave everything behind when you’re in the gym

You have finally made it to the gym, but only half of the battle is won. Remember, you’re not training fingers today. It’s important to maintain your focus on what you have to do, on the workout you’ve scheduled. Also, keep in mind that muscle memory works in your favor, but also against you. If you do the same things over and over again, the muscles adapt, letting your body get comfortable. Consider challenging yourself and maybe try an interval routine.

2. Stay hydrated

There’s no doubt that your body needs water to properly function. That’s why when you’re going through a physical challenge, like when working out in the gym, you always need to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches and other pain symptoms, not to mention that your efficiency with the weights will be clearly affected.

Many will say 2L of water a day is mandatory, while others will generate another number, but all you have to do is listen to your body. It will definitely let you know when you feel thirsty.

3. Sleep tight

After a hard fitness workout, the body always needs to recover. And to do so, your sleeping hours should be consistent and regular. There are multiple hormones in your “temple” that play an essential role in stimulating protein synthesis, and they are reduced under sleep-deprived conditions. Basically, no sleep means slower or absent muscle growth.

Additionally, the sleep deprivation can lead to accidents in the gym, due to the lack of concentration, as the ability to stay focused decreases.

A healthy nutrition4. Eat right

A healthy nutrition mainly depends on three factors – quality, quantity, and timing. So help your body with solid nutritional choices and eat how much you need, without excesses or deprivations that won’t help you fuel your workouts. Consume enough carbohydrates and protein for your body to have sufficient energy during an intense training. And always remember to eat regularly throughout the day.

5. Consider supplements

The first advice in this category is to ask a nutritionist no matter what supplements you’re thinking of taking. A specialist can inform you properly about what’s safe for you to ingest. As a quick tip, arginine supplements are recommended before a hard workout, to help you have enough energy to deal with high-intensity training.

When you’re entering the Fitness 360 ground, you’re not just stepping into a gym, but you’re making steps towards a family. Here, in a fun and friendly environment, you can feel motivated to do your best. Helped, of course, by a well-qualified staff. Spinning, yoga, lesmills or zumba classes are hitting all the members’ needs, making group fitness a priority for us. Fitness 360 gives you the tools and advice to fulfill your goals, so all you have to do is put on the hard work.

Picture Credit: dbreen,  foongkwan81