10 Workout Additions Fit For Accelerated Improvement

10 Workout Additions Fit For Accelerated ImprovementMany people wonder why they don’t see the results they want, or when they want them. The reality however, is that didn’t take 1 month to gain that unwanted fat, and likewise it won’t take only 1 month to get sculpted abs and an effective workout routine and diet into place. Try adding some of the following 10 Workout Additions into your daily or weekly routine.

Stop Cutting Rest

Many people overwork (over train) their body and muscles. Due to this, without adequate recovery, they often windup burning much-needed or desired muscles in the process—and deprive their bodies the recovery it needs. Try to set a consistent sleep schedule daily so that your body gets into the ‘groove’ of repairing itself so you can achieve primal results!

Accept Reality

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for dieters and fitness guru’s alike to deprive themselves of the healthy diet or workout routine they swore to at least 20% of the year. Thanks to this reality, give yourself some credit, stay focused, and accept that due to time constraints, up to 20% of the year you won’t be honoring your workout and dieting routine how you might have planned.

Carbs and Fats ARE Important

People think that cutting carbs and fats from their diet is the solution to a healthier you and a guaranteed six-pack. This unfortunately, is far from reality! Your body requires and will utilize a certain level of carbs and fats pre, during, and post-workout. With that being said, while cutting back is acceptable, ensure you don’t completely deprive your body of the nutrients it needs!

Be Willing to Try New Routines

Countless people have reported success by mixing up their training routine on an at least weekly basis—for example, “circuit training”. Others incorporate swimming, jogging, and running into their weekly routine to mix up the effects a workout has on your body. Try adding dumbbells to your treadmill walk and burn upwards of double to even triple the calories you typically would! (No, this doesn’t mean they have to be huge dumbbells, even 10lbs each would do just fine)

Pushups and Pull Ups

Many people discount them or don’t find them to be ‘intense’ enough for their workout routine or goals. When in fact however, the reality is adding these “basic” workouts to your routine will greatly improve not only your upper-body strength, but also your stamina so that you can more effectively conquer other workouts or weightlifting routines.

Weightless Squats and “Burpees”

There’s a reason the military relies heavily on these two workouts—no, it’s not just for fun for the drill instructors! In fact, in addition to building stamina, doing these two variations of workouts will vastly improve your quads and upper body strength, as well as exercise muscles that may not be otherwise getting worked.

Daily Workouts Make a Difference

No matter how big or small, working out daily may it be cardio or weightlifting, will tremendously impact desired weight loss and overall increased strength. This does NOT mean you have to max out on weight-capacity every day, and the same applies for cardio.

Do you Work out at Work?

Stop during your work day and pump out a few pushups! It doesn’t always require going to the gym to see results and feel good. Consistency is key, and adaption goes a long way!

How Serious Shoveling Snow Is

Did you know you can burn up to 400 calories or more per hour just from shoveling snow alone? Save yourself some money and burn some extra fat—without going to the gym!

Unnatural Sugars and Fats are the Culprits

Anyone looking to lose weight seems to always resort to the newest, trending diets or gym fitness routines, but it’s just not that simple! In fact, monitoring and cutting back on unnatural sugars and fats will contribute greatly to desired weight loss and natural muscle growth!

Stay focused, remain practical, and give it your all into the New Year!