5 Great Immunity Building Exercise To Try After 50

5 Great Immunity Building Exercise To Try After 50An active lifestyle is recommended for all women, no matter the age. However, as soon as you turn 50, it’s highly recommended to take up physical activities like swimming, running, yoga or even something as simple as walking, throughout the week, as it can be incredibly beneficial for maintaining an overall well being and avoiding building up on toxins.

As a matter of fact, there are the so-called immunity building exercises, which, besides helping you stay in shape, can also create a natural ‘shield’ against all kinds of affections, starting with a common cold or the flu.

Whether you have just enough time for a full training session or no more than 10 minutes per day, any of these are great for keeping you in shape, especially after reaching the half a century milestone.

Brisk walking

As you advance in age, you’re starting to get more and more susceptible to infections, as well as inflammatory diseases, but with a strong immune system, you can keep them away! But this is not all…

By walking around 30 minutes per day, you can have a stronger back, maintain your weight under control and, obviously, deal with less inflammation. Also, you will be on your way to an overall healthier lifestyle, with a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, anxiety, or depression.


Moving on, let’s not forget about swimming, a form of exercise with a low impact, ideal for women over 50. It’s considered an excellent cardiovascular workout, but also able to tone your entire body.

An additional benefit of swimming is that remaining immersed in cold water for around an hour can increase your white blood cell counts, thus activating your immune system.


Probably one of the most famous natural immunity booster, yoga is an ancient form of art, strengthening your core and relaxing your mind. There are several poses which are beneficial for your body, like asanas, as these increase the energy flow to the neck, if practised regularly.

The beauty of yoga lies in the fact that you can practice it even in the comfort of your home, while detailed information about poses and other techniques, as well as complete courses, are available on several websites or even YouTube, for free.


One of the most important sources of immune cells – also called T-cells – in our body is the Thymus gland. However, after 20, the gland begins shrinking and, by the time you will be 50, its cell producing-capacity decreases significantly.

But you can help it keep producing cells by cycling regularly! By doing this, you help to preserve muscle mass and strength, but also maintain proper levels of cholesterol and body fat. Scientists claim that your immune system receives a huge boost from cycling, keeping it high even into your 80s. And this is something we would all love to!

Strength training

Finally, maintaining your fitness, and therefore boosting your immune system, after 50 can also be done by following a proper exercise routine. If you’re new to this, a trainer can help you find the best types of exercises for you: weight machines, body weight exercises, or just some intense cardio, which can help you keep your weight under control.

Nevertheless, there’s no such thing as a recommended age for beginning a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re over 50, 20 or more than 80, Fitness 360 Florida is waiting for you, ready to guide you in your adventure, through proper motivation and in a fun and friendly environment, perfect for achieving all your fitness goals.

Picture Credit: SaraJobling