Too Much Exercise: A Danger That Can Make You Ill

Too Much Exercise: A Danger That Can Make You IllExercise is a very essential component of a healthy life. Working out can make a person lose weight, and is great for the bones and muscles in the body. Getting the blood pumping through the body can make a person happier, increase energy levels, make the skin look more radiant, and reduces the risk of many diseases.

While exercise is a great thing, too much exercise can become a huge danger that many are not aware of. In this article, we will discuss why too much exercise can make you ill, as well as ways that you can tell if you are working out too much.

A Short Fuse

A short fuse could be a sign that you are working out too much. If you are typically pretty laid back, but find yourself losing your cool over the smallest things, you may need to take another look at your exercising habits. Take a look at how long you are at your fitness club each time you are there, as well as how many times per week you are going to the gym. Then look at your other activities. If you find that you are exercising a substantial portion of your free time, it may be time to cut back.

To go along with a short fuse, you may find yourself more anxious, or see depression setting in. If either of these is not normal for you, it could be due to the stress that working out is putting on your body.

Weak Bones

Many of us exercise to have stronger bones and muscles. However, hitting the fitness club too many times could actually cause the opposite to happen. Cortisol can enter the bloodstream when too much is in the body, which in turn breaks down bone tissue. This can make the bones weaker, which could potentially mean more breaks or fractures.

A Decrease in Performance

If you have noticed that you really have to push yourself harder than you used to when working out, it may be because you are working out too much. Perhaps you have trouble completing that spinning class or get out of breath on your last tenth of a mile. If your performance is slipping, it may be time to re-evaluate your exercising plan.

Fatigue Sets In

Exercise is supposed to give a person energy. But when too much exercising takes place, fatigue can set in. This includes both mental and physical fatigue. The natural reaction is to hit your fitness club up to get in another workout with the expectations that energy will be produced. While this could be true for a few workouts, eventually the body or mind will become overtired, allowing the fatigue to set in.

Sleep Issues

If you are fatigued but are having trouble sleeping, you may be working out too much. Tossing and turning night after night is often a side effect of individuals that are exercising too much.

Accumulating Fat

If your body has an increase in accumulating body fat, but you are still losing weight, it could be a sign of too much exercise. Your body will be much less efficient at fat burning due to an increase in the storage of adipose tissue. There will also be a decrease in steroid-like hormones that help the body increase muscle mass.

In conclusion, if you are exercising too much, it can become dangerous to you by making you ill. If you are uncertain about how much you should be exercising, consider talking to Fitness 360. They will be able to help you set up an exercising plan to fit your lifestyle and your goals, helping you turn your life around!

Picture Credit: nattanan23