Setting Fitness Goals for 2018

How to Set Your 2018 Fitness GoalsMore than 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year. Typically these focus on health and fitness. Whether you want to lose weight or adopt healthier habits, there are some things you’ll want to make sure you do.

Setting Fitness Goals for 2018

With so many fitness goals vying for your focus this year, it’s important to stop and think about what’s truly important to you. After all, getting healthy means more than simply going to the gym. Some of the other goals you may wish to set here include:
• Join a rowing team. This is a great option for anyone who’s setting fitness goals and just can’t bring themselves to go to the gym today. Not only do you get moving, you do so outside with a group of people who will help hold you accountable. You don’t have to wait until the summer for this either. This is because you can use an indoor rowing machine at your local gym to learn proper form, technique, and timing before hitting the water once it’s warm again.
• Take a dance class. This is yet another great way to get up and get going, with the added benefit of meeting new people and making new friends. Some of the other great benefits of this fitness activity include improving your balance, building strength, reducing stress, and having fun. This is why some doctors prescribe it for patients who are suffering from depression.
• Visit your local park and take a yoga class while doing so. Many times you can even find programs like this for being offered for free by your local library. It doesn’t matter what level of yoga you practice, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that yoga improves your strength and flexibility while reducing stress and joint pain. In fact, many levels of practitioners can enjoy the same class because the instructor provides a variety of queues and postures for people of varying levels. So, take a moment to see what types of classes they’re offering in the new year and what you’ll need to bring when attending one of them. Usually, they’ll give you a mat so all you need is a towel and a bottle of water.
• Add some exotic food to your diet. These are a great, sweet treat that still allows you to cut out the extra sugar in your diet. You can buy star fruit, lychee, pomelo, and rambutan from your local ethnic grocers. Fruits like these help you get all of your vitamins and nutrients because they have different colors from the fruits you’d typically eat – things like bananas and oranges. Plus, this is one of the easiest fitness goals you can get your whole family involved with.

Joining a gym is another option that has some definite benefits. Of course, the biggest benefit is burning off those calories you’ve packed on throughout 2017. Cost factors should no longer prevent you from signing up for a gym membership at your local fitness center. Most facilities are actually quite affordable today. Many also offer great promotions as well.

Making These Changes in Your Life

Not just every gym will work for you. Here at Fitness 360, this is something we not only understand, but we take to heart. This is why we’re working hard to be the premier workout facility for people from every lifestyle.

We understand that healthiness is important and encompasses many parts of your life. We also understand that making healthy changes is something you’ll need help and encouragement for. This is something we offer all of our clients. For this reason, we invite you to stop by and check us out today.