When Science And Fitness Work Well

The New Science of ExerciseOnce again statistics have shown that working out and choosing a sound fitness routine will benefit mind, body, and spirit. This shouldn’t come to a surprise but to far too many Americans the words fitness and exercise are four letter words no one should utter.

The reason being is that Americans don’t like to move around that much nor eat properly. This mindset has had devastating effects on our health and economy. The people of the US spend tens of billions if not 100s of billions of dollars wastefully because they won’t take care of their basic health. Doctors have been warning them until they’re blue in the face that eating right and exercising will improve their lives as well as reverse much damage or remedy them all together. It’s gotten to the point where you almost have to arrest people in the streets and toss them into a fitness facility.

It’s all about mindset and laziness and not one for lack of education. There are tons of valuable, sound data on exercise and diet but Americans will read it on Facebook or see it on television and totally ignore it. Procrastination is a major factor here too. Think of how many times you or a friend or loved one has stated they’re going to get back into shape. Inf act they have never been in shape. We don’t move around as much as we used to. Some people are so lazy that they not only drive everywhere they go, they even drive to their mailboxes along their long driveways. It’s absurd tot the point of comedy but there’s nothing funny about dying young, getting old before one’s time, nor having toes and fingers amputated due to complications of diabetes II.

It’s not until they’re in the hospital moaning and groaning that they may lose a leg that they finally realize that they’ve been foolish and irresponsible but by then it may be too late.

How much the average American spends on health careWhen things come to this point that’s when the major dollars in waste flow. The amount of money it takes to get a person’s health stabilized and remedy the damage has become astronomical and costs the tax payers billions. Wall St. loves it because of all the pharmaceutical stocks go up but that money gets reabsorbed in paying higher taxes to handle the ill.

Exercise and a good diet are the key here. People won’t eat right, they’ll live wrong. They won’d exercise then they’ll die young, in pain and misery and go broke. We drink and eat and smoke and make poor nutrition choices. It’s tough because as soon as you want to start eating right some fast food place introduces a new triple-bacon, double cheeseburger topped with sauce and tons of sodium and sugar. Most just cannot resist this and fall off the wagon before they even get on.

Fitness 360 is a gym that has experts in both nutrition and a healthy exercise regimen lifestyle. They live and breathe it and along with your doctor’s care you can get started at any time. It’s highly affordable and you might get lower insurance rates so check with your company rep. The Fitness 360 staff is here to help and not bully you nor make light of your situation. Let them sit down with you and get things straightened out before it’s too late.

Image credit: HASTYWORDS