Exercising Can Help Maintain Strong Bones

Exercising Can Help Maintain Strong BonesOsteoporosis and the weakening of bones is an issue that millions of people suffer from. It is easy, especially in our primarily indoor modern lives that we forego going outside and getting the exposure to the sun and exercise that our ancestors naturally had to get to survive. This lack of exercise and exposure to the sun can lead to reduced vitamin D levels and general weakening of the bones. This is why it is particularly important to go outside and get direct exposure to the sun in order for your body to produce endogenous vitamin D. Working out, especially with strength exercises, can also help build strong bones as your body diverts nutrients to maintaining your bones.

This is particularly important for women who are typically at higher risk of osteoporosis due to the natural effects of menopause later in life. Many healthcare professionals including chiropractic professionals and doctors often encourage their patients to get at least thirty minutes of exercise daily. Exercise is a key part of living a lifestyle that is full of health and wellness. It is just as important as eating right and maintaining good hygienic practices.

When designing your workout to improve your bone health, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, it is important to target all of the different bones in your body as the impact may be limited to the areas you are working out. This is why it is important to set up a regimen that cycles through working out all of your major bones- from you your back and spine to hips and wrists. The exercise also needs to be maintained over time in order to really be effective- doing a couple one-offs here and there are better than nothing, but unlikely to really give you the protection against osteoporosis that you desire. When working with weights, remember that it is perfectly okay to start low (in fact, it is encouraged so as to avoid injury) and to titrate up over time as your body gets stronger and you better understand your limits. It is better to do exercises correctly with a small amount of weight training than it is to try to increase the weight quickly while losing the good form and targeted structure of your workout.

Overall, bone health is tremendously important for the long-term wellness of most people and weight-bearing and resistance exercises can be a very effective way on maintaining strong bones and avoiding disease.

Image credit: xalanx