Exercise Might Be The Cure For Alcohol Related Cancers

In a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers have presented evidence that exercise can combat the dangers of alcohol-related cancers. The study analyzed data from 36,000 men and women that were over the age of 40 who had taken part in an annual Scottish Health for England or the Scottish Health Survey during the 1990s and 2000s. The people participating were put into six category groups, had not consumed alcohol ever, ex-drinkers, hazardous drinking, harmful drinking, and occasional drinker. The researchers also included categories for people who did weekly exercise which is about 2 hours a week.

So far the data gleaned indicates that just getting regular moderate up to vigorous workouts might just put a damper on the potential threat of dangerous health effects for those of regular alcohol use. The data also shows that there is an increase in dangers as well as deaths for people who didn’t exercise thus developing alcohol-related cancers. There was also info that showed that alcohol consumption also increased deadly health results from other areas, not just cancers like heart disease. Finally, the study showed that those who regularly exercised decreased their health problems or prevented them.

This may be no surprise to many who’ve seen this in their daily lives or engage in such exercise regimens. Just looking around at friends, relatives, neighbors who do not use alcohol or who do but exercise and eat right is a testament to this study’s results.

The study further goes on to say that since alcohol is the most common of drugs in the psychotropic area and is socially acceptable and legal it makes good sense to couple its use with a regular exercise regimen.

Today’s societies have such sedentary lifestyles that people are plagued with infirmities. From dangerous sugar levels leading to Diabetes II and obesity at epidemic levels, it’s no wonder people are dropping like flies at a young age or disabled to the point of overburdening of public and government resources. Now you add the use of and abuse of alcohol and you have a recipe of immense dangerous proportions.

Alcohol-related cancers plague the population as a whole. They either disable or cut short the lives of people including young people who unfortunately get their hands on the drug. Society is going to have to come to terms with what alcohol has done which is disrupted development of children and kill people. It also causes mental illnesses.

This study now calls for people who do imbibe to take the responsibility for their health and just get their gear in order to prevent the harsh and often fatal effects of alcohol. Starting an exercise regimen is not too late. One can do wonders with just a brisk walk each day or several times a week. If one is more sturdy, taking up a sport that keeps you moving like tennis or jogging or better yet swimming. Anything will help you get on the right track to better health.

Of course, eliminating alcohol from your life would be the best bet, however, some people just cannot or will not do so. Many people don’t abuse alcohol but imbibe during special occasions and events. They’re at a low danger level, but people who gulp down the booze and sit on their butts are due for a rude awakening one day.

Perhaps further studies need to be done to convince people once and for all the dangers of abusing alcohol and living at a sedentary level. It could make the world a better place.

Image credit: Wang Chun-Kuan