Exercise: Keep On Keeping On

Exercise: Keep On Keeping OnStarting a workout regimen is fine; however, once you’ve started it’s not a good idea to stop.  You’ve got to keep on keeping on with a workout if you’re going to get the best benefits.

The reason you’ve got to keep up the gym visits or at home exercise routine is because the benefits of a workout, rigorous or not, will wear off in about 10 days.  It’s due to several factors including blood flow and metabolic rate.  Exercise increases blood flow thus promoting both good cardio health and respiratory health.  As we maintain these exercises, our endurance, strength, and other body functions to increase or level off to very manageable levels.

Once you’ve started and maintain an exercise regimen, your metabolic rate increases thus burning off more excess calories especially while at rest.  Little by little you’ll continue to burn off the weight because you’ve got that engine running at idle.  When you stop, you slowly begin to decline in optimum function and you’re back to square one.  This is why you have to keep it up and persevere no matter what.

The same is said of the cardiovascular system.  It doesn’t stay perfect but instead needs your constant attention.  Think of it like a fuel delivery system.  It’s transferring energy and materials 24/7 but needs the power to do so.  Exercise pushes this system to the max and keeps it fired up even when at rest.  With a more optimum circulatory system operating you can deliver nutrients to vital areas as well as hormones and flush out the toxins.  You’ve got to keep the heart pumping at safe levels and do the kinds of exercises that will.

We all get tired of routine activities and often we just don’t diversify our workout to avoid boredom and lethargy.  We then have to muster the drive and strength to get back in the saddle which, unfortunately, many can’t or won’t do.  Its times like this that people make that awful decision to give up on exercise and slowly go down that spiral to bad health again.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Get back to that gym and pick up that workout.

This news is especially important for seniors.  Their systems can become compromised easily from bad diet, lack of sleep, stress, disease, and especially a sedentary lifestyle.  Basically, it’s easy to be lazy which makes far too many people just choose sloth.  This leads to obesity and the plethora of diseases and illnesses associated with it.  Seniors should engage in an exercise workout program regularly as evidence shows that it not only helps the body but the mind also.  In this age of degenerative mental diseases, exercise brings about both preventative and remedial solutions.

So the bottom line is that the benefits of exercise are long term when exercise is long term.  There’s no gray area here, you have to get off your butt and pump up the heart volume, build up a sweat, and get a good breath going on to keep and improve your health via a workout ongoing.

Picture Credit : ammentorp