Bodyflow, The Latest Trend In Fitness?

Bodyflow, The Latest Trend In Fitness?Each year, we see quite a few new fitness trends being quickly adapted in gyms throughout the entire world and 2019 makes no exception. Combining yoga, tai chi and Pilates, a bodyflow class will not only improve your body but also your mind and life.

Sounds very interesting, but how does this new…technique actually work? Technically speaking, it’s a scientifically-backed combo of moves, curated in order to increase your body’s strength, but also take your flexibility at a whole new level at the same time. And everything is done with music playing in the background, so you can quickly unwind after a hard day.

But there’s more than just this…

During a bodyflow class, the main focus is, of course, on improving the functional core strength, but it also enhances the mobility of your joints and creates an excellent sense of calm and well-being. Without burning calories.

This might come as a surprise for many fitness enthusiasts who are after a revolutionary training method, in order to lose some weight. In this case, our suggestion is to completely forget about burning calories, as bodyflow is totally about increasing flexibility and strength, but also getting rid of that daily stress.

Ok, so what kind of exercises a bodyflow class consists of?

In most cases, a class begins with a warm-up, inspired by Tai Chi, where the main focus in on breathing, so you can become ready for what comes next. After this, the fun begins: sun salutations, hip openers, warrior sequences, some twists, but also core training moves, inspired by Pilates.

Even though you won’t lose any weight, you will definitely see some results! For example, if you’re looking forward to building mental or physical strength, bodyflow can help you achieve this.

A recent study, conducted by the Roehampton University in the United Kingdom, proved that bodyflow can actually reduce body fat, besides increasing the strength of your back and flexibility, while getting rid of anxiety was also observed. Even more, it has been shown that it drives notable improvements when it comes to gait speed, this being an indicator of increased vitality.

How can I start with bodyflow?

The good part is that you don’t need any experience at all, not even with yoga move. Basically, everything you need to do is follow your instructor and you will immediately start learning. Try ignoring others, as it really doesn’t matter how they are doing. You should focus solely on your move and do what feels good for you.

During the very first sessions, you need to commit as much as possible, as you will probably need a few of them in order to start feeling comfortable with all the moves. But don’t worry, it will get better and better with each bodyflow class.

Speaking about your beginning on this ‘road’, you can start with just one class per week. Ideally, three classes per week are recommended for the best results, both physical and mental, but you can increase the number of weekly sessions as soon as you progress.

And finally, let’s take a few moments and talk about the equipment you need. A yoga mat can help, but it’s not mandatory to have one. Also, no shoes are needed, which is one of our favourite aspects of body flow. Stick to a few comfortable workout clothes and you should be just fine!

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Picture Credit: AndiP