Being Creative With Exercise

Being Creative With ExerciseIt’s tough enough to get Americans to get out there and exercise as their habits keep showing a sedentary lifestyle that has brought obesity to epidemic proportions. There is a way, however, to make your exercise regimen not only exciting but entertaining as well.

First of all is to set realistic goals and don’t overdo things. Put the fun exercises at the end of your routine. Things like jumping jacks are good. You get to bounce around and get some cardiovascular work. It will keep the kid in you alive and keep that youthful enthusiasm cooking which makes anything you do a joy.

Find a friend. Working out with others can be a social event full of laughs and good times. You can compete with one another or keep an eye on one another like coaches do. This will keep you alert and willing to meet those exercise goals. You can come up with your own games to play that are safe of course but promote a well-matured exercise regime that can’t possibly turn into boredom.

Use the new interactive video games to get your exercise o. You can even do these kinds of games at gyms now. If you have a den or play room, modify it for exercise as well. These games like the Wii can be quite intense and people can overdo it as they get lost in the fun. Best to have a friend with you either in the room or online. It’s easy to find friends online and team up. Not only that but you can wire yourself up with wireless digital tech that records body functions and allows for your doctors to analyze the data better and set up a proper exercise regimen.

Enjoy the seasons. Sure it’s easy to workout in a gym or room in the house, but going outside and enjoying the weather during each season can provide lots of benefits. In summer or warm months, take advantage of the heat so that you can build up a good sweat and get in some fresh air. You’ll definitely burn up calories and you can have fun by exercising near places of interest if possible. If you’re out jogging then take routes that go past places of interest this way you won’t find the regimen so routine and drab. In winter months, take up winter-like exercises. Instead of trying to jog in the cold and snow, get some skies and do some cross country skiing. Cross country skiing is one of the most intense fat burning exercises ever. It’s rigors make the workouts never boring and a sure fired confidence builder.

Listen to your favorite music or lectures or watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Today’s media technology makes it easy for you to watch or listen to your favorite entertainment or educational materials. You can set up to binge watch a TV series so that at the start of your workout you can tune in and know at the end of the episode or movie that you’re done with your workout. Don’t go outside and do this as you could have an accident. Even running outside with earphones on isn’t recommended. Do it inside and you’ll find your workouts moving smoother and less tiresome.

There are many variations on a theme so look around and come up with safe exercise solutions that keep you chipper and good to go.

Picture Credit: sarangib