5 Reasons to Strengthen your Core Muscles

Reasons to Strengthen your Core MusclesIt’s no secret that a correct and complete fitness routine should include core exercises, but the truth is that a lot of people tend to ignore them, despite missing a lot. The muscles around your trunk and pelvis, because those are the ones we are talking about, should always be in a great shape.

Today we’re talking a few moments to talk about the reasons why you should strengthen your core muscles, as a part of your daily fitness routine.

Core exercises improve both your balance and stability

The muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen should work in great harmony. When this happens, it leads to a better balance and stability, suitable for various activities, whether they’re on the playing field or outside it.

As a side note, most sports and other physical activities require stable core muscles, so if you’re planning to start playing a sport, your core shouldn’t be neglected.

They can help you tone your abs

Who doesn’t want defined abs, with the six-pack showing? Well, you can easily obtain it through core exercises!

Sure, we all know that a lot of aerobic activity is needed to burn abdominal fat, but core exercises can seriously strengthen and tone the muscles underneath. Think about this before your next fitness sessions.

They make most physical activities easier

Strong core muscles will make it very easy to perform a lot of physical activities. Whether we’re talking about intense movements, like swinging on the golf court, or something basic, like tying your shoes, strong core muscles help you get through with these moves. If you’re an athlete, you will feel less fatigue, endurance and injuries.

On the other side, weak core muscles can leave you susceptible to various affections, like poor posture or the infamous lower back pain.

It will be easier to reach your fitness goals

Generally speaking, aerobic exercise and muscular fitness are the main elements of pretty much any fitness program. However, in order to have a complete program, make sure core exercise also play a part.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, taking the first steps, or a committed fitness fan, looking forward to getting better results! A complete, well-rounded fitness program is the best way to reach your goals.

You don’t need any equipment or a gym membership!

Probably one of the most important reasons to start strengthening your core muscles is that they can be done by anybody, anywhere, anytime. You only need your bodyweight to start, actually!

Some of the best examples of core exercises that don’t require anything else are planks, situps, or the bridge. And these are great ways to start!

Still, if you prefer training your core, as well as other muscles, in a dedicated environment, make sure you pay Fitness 360 a visit. Located in Clearwater, Florida, here you can find all the equipment you need, as well as specialized advice from trainers, so you can strengthen your core, as well as the rest of your muscles.

Picture Credit: Nathan Cowley