Looking forward to boosting your performance? Try elevation training masks

Let’s say that you’re going for a quiet jog in the park and suddenly, a fellow runner comes towards you, but you notice something unusual: he is wearing some kind of mask, which really reminds you of the first time you saw Darth Vader in Star Wars. Before thinking about anything else, you should know that he’s actually wearing it to boost his fitness performance and it’s very useful! Specifically, we’re talking about an elevation training mask, which simulates training at higher altitudes, by limiting Read More +

Breathing properly while running – A short guide

Running isn’t just about having a great physical condition and a healthy heart, as there is one more aspect you should be aware of before mastering this type of workout: breathing properly. Ever noticed how, just before you reach the end of a speed interval – for example – your lungs go into overdrive? Most people think pulling in more air would help to maintain the pace, but in fact, it feels very difficult, due to not breathing properly until that moment. And no, it’s Read More +

Maintain a Healthy Heart with Cardio Training

We all know that cardio training can have some great benefits for our health, like managing weight, enhancing the mood, improving immunity, and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. Some trainers claim that it can also help you in your attempt to deal with chronic conditions as well! However, a less known advantage is that it can keep your heart healthy! To be more specific, a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular activity – up to five or more times per week Read More +

This is Why Long Runs are Actually the Best Runs

If you’re part of a few running communities – whether they’re online or…offline – you will hear a lot of people talking about high-intensity interval training. Or, shortly, HIIT. This type of training has gained a lot of popularity lately and actually made the long run, considered the staple of runners’ training regiments, fall to the wayside. On the other side, this is easier to understand, since a long running session is pretty difficult to integrate into a schedule, not to mention that some trainers Read More +

The 6 Benefits of Stretching Nobody Told you About

We’ve all been through this…You decided that you want to go for a run, actually went for it and, after the first mile your whole body – legs, especially – is killing you. You know why this is happening? Because you forgot one essential thing that should be done before going for a run: stretching. Ask any trainer you know and you’ll get the same answer about the importance of stretching. Specifically, all of them will say that it’s essential and you should never ignore Read More +

Fitness Training And VO2 Max

If you’re unaware of what a VO2 max score is you’re not alone. It’s a term used primarily for devices that track your fitness performance. With some popular devices like FitBit Blaze or Fitbit Charge 2. Definition Of VO2 Max Fitness Trainers These fitness trackers use this score to determine the effectiveness of their devices and the performance of the user. Also, Polar, Jabra, and Garmin use this. Basically, it’s a measure of how much oxygen your body can uptake to its maximum capacity. It Read More +

Uncovering The Truth About ‘Flip Flops’ And Personal Fitness Protection

Flip-flops are no doubt very comfortable, and popular among Americans and others around the world. Flip-flops, much like sandals or other ‘affordable’ and simple footwear are very practical for laying back and relaxing, lounging around the pool, or taking a stroll along the beach. However, Trusted, long-time podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Christina Long of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center stated in a recent health center news release that people should choose more carefully not only the type of flip-flops they wear Read More +

Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With A Friend REALLY Works

Exercise can be a strenuous activity, especially if you’re just getting started! Naturally, some people are either more advanced than others, or in better shape to do more strenuous activities, such as weightlifting, or even variations of cardio like swimming, biking, and running. Experts say, however, that teaming up with a “workout partner” (or partners) can make a world of difference, and improve your overall performance, progress, and simply make the experience that much more enjoyable! Let’s review the Top 5 Reasons Why Exercising With Read More +

What’s Your Favorite Calorie Burning Workout?

Just about everyone’s got their favorite way to burn off those excess calories and each way has its own particular benefits. We’ll take a look at these exercise regimens and focus on the positive side. JOGGING The first exercise workout most people think of in regard to burning off calories is jogging. Int he old days people jogged all over the place which is why obesity was so rare in human history. When we grew into a sedentary life and work style during the past Read More +

Running Is Still A Fitness Dynamo

Since you spend a great deal of time on your feet, the three things you do with your legs are standing, walking, and running. Dancing is another but most people don’t dance all day. That being said, running as an exercise still is the dynamo to a fitness regimen that brings about enormous benefits. Running incorporates several expressions, there’s jogging, wind sprints, cross country and other variations. It doesn’t take special equipment and anyone in good health can start and maintain a running regimen well Read More +