How to tell if you’re working out too hard

We’re totally for an active lifestyle, which includes a few workout sessions per week, as well as a healthy lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate with this! Believe it or not, there are people who take fitness way too serious and end up being exhausted after one week. The worst part is that they figure out this too late and a break from workout session is mandatory for them. However, there are a few signs which you should look after and see Read More +

These Are The Secrets Of Staying Motivated At The Gym

No matter what some people say, sticking to a gym routine is more than just actually wanting to do something in order to look and feel better. It’s not enough to have a desire to start, as you also need to stay motivated during your entire journey. Unfortunately, a lot of people who start on this road don’t have what it takes and they end up quitting after their first workout. Some of them do manage to visit the gym regularly, but they’re not motivated Read More +

Fitness Training And VO2 Max

If you’re unaware of what a VO2 max score is you’re not alone. It’s a term used primarily for devices that track your fitness performance. With some popular devices like FitBit Blaze or Fitbit Charge 2. Definition Of VO2 Max Fitness Trainers These fitness trackers use this score to determine the effectiveness of their devices and the performance of the user. Also, Polar, Jabra, and Garmin use this. Basically, it’s a measure of how much oxygen your body can uptake to its maximum capacity. It Read More +

Being Creative With Exercise

It’s tough enough to get Americans to get out there and exercise as their habits keep showing a sedentary lifestyle that has brought obesity to epidemic proportions. There is a way, however, to make your exercise regimen not only exciting but entertaining as well. First of all is to set realistic goals and don’t overdo things. Put the fun exercises at the end of your routine. Things like jumping jacks are good. You get to bounce around and get some cardiovascular work. It will keep Read More +

How to Use Your Fitness Tracker

The market for fitness trackers and “wearables” is poised to explode. There are so many novel uses for these devices that have the potential to drastically improve user wellness and help clinicians across the country better understand how their patients are doing on a continuous basis. One of the things with fitness trackers is that the user needs to be educated on how to appropriately use the device and further, be trained on best practices to increase their odds of accomplishing their own health goals. Read More +