Why you Should Know Your Heart Rate

It’s important to know what your heart rate should be when you’re working out and how to keep track of it so you know you’re “healthy.” This number will also help you find ways to maximize your fitness intensity. What’s in a Number Too high of a number means you’re straining and should slow down. However, too low of a number means your fitness routine is too low and you should push yourself a bit more, especially if your goal is to lose weight by Read More +

Can Daily Exercising Keep Dementia Away?

Whoever said that exercising is recommended for all ages was absolutely right. Besides the well-known health benefits, it was proven that exercise can also keep the brain healthy in old age. In most cases, older adults with poor fitness levels have can have an increased level of deteriorated white matter in their brains, which was linked with a decline in decision-making function, but also early signs of memory loss. Automatically, this means that regular exercise can have an impact on slowing cognitive decline and even Read More +

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Regular Water?

You don’t have to be that much into diet and nutrition to have heard about what can be considered a new trend: drinking alkaline water. People who promote this…beverage claim that this is the best type of water you can drink, as it keeps you healthy and more hydrated, alongside many other benefits. But the question is: are they right? Is alkaline water the best thing you can drink? Let’s take a few moments and see what this type of water exactly is and what Read More +

What You Ingest Can Affect Your Fitness Regimen Badly

Yes, it’s good to eat a well balanced and healthy diet and many fitness people do. However, it’s just not the foods and drinks you ingest that can have an affect, it’s of great concern if you ingest medications, drugs, and even alcohol. In addition, new foods must also have one on guard and we’ll see why. Your Body’s Workings The body is a magnificent engineering marvel. It can process complex chemical processes that even our most advanced machines can’t duplicate. Scientists are still trying Read More +

Is Cupping A Real Treatment?

Leave it to fitness people and pro athletes to try anything to relieve pain and improve performance. No matter how weird it is, if it grabs hold then all of a sudden it will go from fad to regular practice and that’s just what’s happened with the practice of cupping. Cupping is an old, very old Oriental practice often working in tandem with treatments like acupuncture and other things. It’s really caught on and rumors are that top Olympians are using the practice like gold Read More +