What You Ingest Can Affect Your Fitness Regimen Badly

How alcohol and medication can badly affect your fitnessYes, it’s good to eat a well balanced and healthy diet and many fitness people do. However, it’s just not the foods and drinks you ingest that can have an affect, it’s of great concern if you ingest medications, drugs, and even alcohol. In addition, new foods must also have one on guard and we’ll see why.

Your Body’s Workings

The body is a magnificent engineering marvel. It can process complex chemical processes that even our most advanced machines can’t duplicate. Scientists are still trying to decipher the secrets of our minds and bodies and in doing so, they’ve found that there are substances that can cause us to find our fitness routines not panning out as we would like.
Basically, you are what you eat. You may have a wonderful fitness regimen and you’re eating your complex cards and protein and taking your vitamins and supplements, but is what you’re consuming in addition to your food causing you problems?
This is why you must always consult a doctor regarding your fitness routines and diet. Often we may buy supplements or vitamins or need to take medication per doctor’s orders. You must remember, fitness is about taking your body’s systems to task so that they will operate at optimum levels.
This calls for a proper diet, rest, and discipline. If you end up with an illness that calls for a specific medication, you’ll need to work with your doctor to see if any detrimental side effects occur. This calls for vigilance on your part and your doctor’s part. Make sure you check your blood sugar levels, temperature, pulse, and other indicators.
Keep a timeline of when you take them and how. This way your doctor will be able to glance at the data and know what you should do.
If you take a new medication or supplement and suddenly you find your performance is lacking in one area, it’s a good bet that the medication or supplement is interfering with your systems in some way. It could be the medication is the prime source, or that its interaction with the other substances in your body are in conflict.
It could mean your body has to adapt to a new way of digesting and distributing the medication or supplement.
It’s wise to never, ever take a new medication or supplement that hasn’t been checked out by your doctor and nutritionist. They’ll have the latest consumer and clinical data about anything the marketers are pitching to fitness people.
Often some new substance hits the market and a wildstorm arises. People get so excited they overlook good sense, take the stuff and end up in the hospital.

The same goes for street drugs and alcohol.

Everyone likes a good glass of wine now and then or a stiff drink. Some people get risky and take street drugs thinking they’ll do no harm. Wrong. These substances might have medical application but only under professional medical guidance. Alcohol causes the body to digest it in a specific way. You may feel good but behind the scenes it might be interrupting your body’s absorption of certain compounds. You’ve run 5 miles and take a glass of wine. You figure you feel good enough to run 6 miles next time but for some reason feel worn out. It might be that the alcohol interrupted some system repair functions. So do the street drugs. If just one system gets affected by what you ingest, especially your digestive system, you will not be at peak performance. Plain and simple.

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